Information for Residents Ripleyville Consultation

UPDATE: 7 March 2022

All our residents have now moved out of Ripleyville, so we are not planning any further updates about the existing blocks on this page. However, we will be adding updates on our new homes as we begin our redevelopment in the late spring/early summer.

Our dedicated email is no longer available but, if you have any questions, please ring us on 0345 678 0555 and ask for John Place, Regional Customer Experience Manager.

Thank you. 

UPDATE: 29 June 2021

We are now providing extra 24-hour security on the scheme as people move out and the blocks empty. If you are worried or frightened, or you see anyone doing something they shouldn’t be, please contact the security team directly on 07863456993. The security team are out and about and will be able to get to you or where the problem is quickly to sort it. 

UPDATE: 23 APRIL 2021  

As we prepare the plans for Ripleyville's regeneration, we need to find out what impact it could have on the environment and any resident wildlife. So, we are carrying out a number of surveys throughout May and June to see if we can find any signs that bats might be nesting at the scheme.

The surveys need certain weather conditions to be done properly, so we can’t give exact dates. They will be done around dusk and we won't need access to your home or the communal areas.

All the surveyors doing the survey will carry identification that they will show if you ask. If you are in doubt, or someone won't show you their identification, or you want to check someone is who they say they are, please get in touch.

Thank you.


Over the next couple of days, you may see a couple of contractors going into two empty flats. Don't worry, they are fitting some sound monitoring equipment. It won't cause any noise or inconvenience to anyone and it will be removed a couple of days later. 

Don't forget to let us know if you have found your new home and you have a moving date so we can help you move and settle in, we just need a week's notice to make arrangements.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on 0345 678 0555. 

22 DECEMBER 2020

However you celebrate this time of year, we would like to wish everyone who lives at Ripleyville a very, merry festive season. 

We understand that moving out probably hasn’t been the first thing on your mind in the last couple of weeks, but if you haven’t registered with Bradford Housing Options to find your new home yet, please do. It’s really important that you start looking. 

In the New Year, our plans for demolishing and rebuilding Ripleyville will start to move much faster and there are some residents who haven’t yet talked to us about what their plans are. Everyone has to move out, that can’t be avoided and quite a few people have left already. 

We have been busy helping people to move over the last few weeks, and we will help everyone.  

Please get in touch, register with Bradford Homes and make sure you have the best chance of finding your new home before everyone else starts looking in the New Year.

Thanks and all the best  

John Place, Customer Experience Manager

Please register with Bradford Homes to make the most of your chances of finding the right home for you. Visit or ring 01274 435999 if you need any help.

Ripleyville Consultation Update 30 November 2020

We have recently contacted all our Ripleyville residents to explain what the next stages of the redevelopment of the scheme will be. Here are some of the dates when we expect things will start to happen. These dates can change if anything unexpected happens.    

October and November 2020

During the rest of October and November, our teams will be at the scheme to start making plans for demolishing and rebuilding the homes. This is when we will start looking at designs for the new homes, deciding how many we can build and getting the planning application ready. There won’t be lots of noise and people around, but there will be different people there at different times. We will all carry identification, so please challenge anyone you don’t know and let us know if anyone is acting suspiciously.

We will be working in communal areas and empty homes to find out who provides the supplies, (like water and electric), and how we can disconnect the metres safely. We will also have someone looking at any asbestos there might be on the scheme and what work might be needed to remove it before we demolish the scheme. Whatever we do with the asbestos, it will be completely safe for residents.

We may also be carrying out more surveys. 

February to May 2021

This is likely to be the busiest time, and when most people are around the scheme, as we work through all the surveys and other preparation work we need to do.

June 2021

This is when we hope to put our planning application forward to the council.  

We know it will take time for everyone to find and settle in new homes, so we will try to make sure any work we are doing causes as little fuss as possible to you and your family.

We will help you move, but please give us at least a week's notice of your moving date so we can arrange all the necessary details at our end. 

Need help?

Please contact us if you need our help with anything, we will get right back to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through the next few weeks and months. 

Ripleyville Consultation Update 11 November 2020

We understand you have been having Banding problems with Bradford Housing Options. We’ve been in touch with them and they’ve now designed a special referral form just for Ripleyville tenants.

This form will make sure all tenants who register with Bradford Housing Options are in Band 1, which is the highest priority.

If you are already in Band 1, you won’t need to fill the Ripleyville Referral Form (see below) in, but everyone must register an application on Bradford Homes. Please review the Bradford Homes - Customer Service Form (see below) for more details on how to do so.

Once you have registered, please fill in the Ripleyville Referral form and send it to us. This will then be sent to Bradford Housing Options. Please remember to bid on homes as this is the only way one will be offered to you.

If you already have an account for Bradford Housing options, but you can’t remember your log in details, you will need to ring 01274 435 999.

If you have any concerns or need help with filling in the form, please give me a ring on 0345 678 0555 as soon as you can.

We can’t say enough how important it is to look at what homes are available and bid often. Widening your choice of area to live in or the type of home you want could really speed up your chances of finding your new home.

All the best



Bradford Housing Options Information

Bradford Homes – Customer Services Form

Information on how to register with Bradford Homes

Ripleyville Referral Form

Please complete and return this form to

Ripleyville Consultation Update 29 September 2020

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this important consultation. You have voted to demolish and rebuild the Ripleyville scheme and that is now what we are making plans to do.

The video below is an update from Regional Customer Experience Manager John Place about what will happen next. (If we have a mobile phone number for you, we are also texting you a link to this video).

John and his team will be writing to you shortly to talk with you about the support you might need from us to get you settled in a new home. This will be done by an appointment so you will have all the time you need to talk with us, and you will be able to rearrange the appointment if it is not convenient.

We are sorry but because of the continuing coronavirus restrictions, we can't visit you in person.

Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to let us know what you wanted for the scheme.


Ripleyville Update - September 2020

John Place, Regional Housing Manager (Yorkshire) provides an update on the outcomes of the Ripleyville consultation.

Ripleyville Consultation Update 25 June 2020

We first consulted with you about the future of Ripleyville in February this year and asked you for your thoughts about what should happen to the scheme. There were three choices:  

  • To demolish the scheme and build brand new family homes.
  • To completely renovate the scheme from top to bottom.
  • To leave the scheme as it is and not do anything at all.

We held our consultation event on 27 February 2020 at Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club. Thank you if you joined us on the day. We had a great turnout and many of you gave us your opinion on what you thought should happen to the scheme, based on those three choices.

The event launched the official four week consultation period, which closed on 29 March. Our plan after that date was to gather all your responses together, see what the preferred option was and let everyone know.

Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus and the government's lockdown just before the consultation closed, we couldn't move things along any further.

However, things are now starting to get back to some kind of normal and, over the next couple of weeks, we will be letting you know what future you chose for Ripleyville and what will happen next.   

Please bear with us a little longer, we'll be in touch as soon as we can. 

Thank you for your patience. 

For anyone who missed the consultation, we will keep the details published for information, but we will remove the consultation form.

Your homes at Ripleyville were built in 1976.

At the time, they were very modern, but the design, both inside and outside the blocks, has since become dated and many of the fixtures and fittings now need replacing. We know it is expensive to keep the homes warm and the layout of the scheme has, unfortunately, made it an easy target for criminal and anti-social behaviour.

It is because of these reasons that we are looking at three options for Ripleyville’s future:

  • A full upgrade and modernisation programme.
  • Demolishing the blocks and replacing them with new homes.
  • Not to do anything at all and continue to provide our current service.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the consultation event on 27 February at Bowling Old Lane Cricket Club. The meeting marked the start of a consultation period to decide what happens at Ripleyville. 

The consultation ended on 29 March 2020.

We will be letting you know shortly what future you have decided for Ripleyville.

Thank you. 

24 Feb 2020:
– Residents informed we are looking at Ripleyville
– Local MP and councillors informed 
– Residents information on website
– Dedicated telephone line available

27 Feb 2020:
Consultation starts

27 Feb to 29 March 2020:
Respond to questions 

28 Feb 2020 to 29 March 2020:
– Residents' visits
– Weekday drop in sessions in site office

31 March 2020:
Collect and review all feedback

June/July 2020 (date to be confirmed)
– Decision and next steps announced 
– Planning and support 

The meeting on 27 February started a ‘30 day consultation period.’ It ended on 29 March 2020. We are now going documenting all your views and making plans for the next steps which we will announce soon. Thank you to everyone who took part. 

If we were to demolish Ripleyville, we would build new homes instead. We believe this would revitalise the area, provide homes people want to live in and and reduce anti-social behaviour.  

If you favour this option, it would mean everyone currently living on Ripleyville would have to move out and find new homes. But, we would help you find a new home.

Although we won't be able to re-house everyone in an Accent home, we will work with Bradford Housing Options to help you find a home in the Bradford district.

If you have an assured or secure tenancy you would be entitled to a statutory Home Loss payment of £6400, and a disturbance payment for moving to another home. This is the support we would provide with this option: 

Homeless Payment

If residents choose this option, you will need to end your tenancy with us and hand in your keys. You will be entitled to a home loss payment of £6,400. If you are in rent arrears, we will reach an agreement with you for the debt to be deducted from this figure.

Future Housing Choices

We will help you register and apply for homes. We will also work with other home finding agencies:            

You can contact any of these agencies at any time, but we won’t be able to help with any moves until we know what is happening at the end of the consultation period. 

If we were to carry out a full refurbishment this would include:

  • Major upgrades to the building, including the roof, windows and external walls.
  • Upgrade of the communal areas.
  • Replacing items within the property such the kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems.

This would mean you could stay in your home, but have to move temporarily while the work was done. You would keep your tenancy agreement for your home at Ripleyville whilst in your temporary home. 

A temporary move would mean you move out, but move back once the work was done. A temporary move may vary in length of time and it would not qualify for a home loss payment. You would pay rent at your temporary home, but you would still need to pay your rent for your home at Ripleyville. 

We would improve the internal communal area. Some of the improvements, such as the door entry upgrade, would be re-charged through the service charge, and would mean a higher monthly cost for you.

If residents choose this option, we will support you by:

  • Helping you move to a similar home in the same area if this is possible.
  • Booking you into bed and breakfast or a hotel.
  • Helping you move into respite care if you need it.

You could also choose to stay with family or friends.

We will cover your expenses for a temporary move. You wouldn’t be entitled to a disturbance payment, but we would cover moving costs with things such as travel, utility connections, carpets and curtains etc. We would talk to you personally about what support you might need. 

For more details about this offer, please refer to your information pack. 

You will still need to pay your rent while you are living in a temporary home.

This option means you could stay in your home and receive the same level of service you currently get. We will provide a repairs and maintenance and housing management service whilst Ripleyille remains suitable for people to live in, but not carry out any major renovations.

If residents choose this option, there is a risk that the structure of the estate and condition of your home would deteriorate over time, and your home may eventually become unfit to live in. Without some kind of major investment, we believe we would struggle to re-let any homes that were to become vacant in the future. This means the estate could attract more criminal and anti-social behaviour and it would be more difficult for us to address the concerns you have raised. In the long term, the service charges could increase.

For more details about this option, please refer to your information pack. 

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