What is choice-based letting?

What is choice-based letting?

Like many local councils and housing associations, the majority of our homes are available through choice-based letting schemes (CBL). CBL schemes allow you to make choices about where you want to live and which home is most suitable for you.

Not every local council operates a CBL scheme. To find out which scheme runs in your area, we suggest you visit your local council website.

You'll need to register

Before you can apply to live in a home via a CBL scheme you will need to register, this is so we can check to make sure you are eligible to apply to live in one of the homes available. If you are eligible then you will be able to start applying for suitable homes, this is known as 'bidding'.

Bidding for properties

You can usually place bids on more than one home at a time.

Homes close for bids on set dates. At that time, bids are checked and the property will be offered to the bidder with the highest priority. If they turn it down, it is offered to the next person, and so on.

Applying direct to Accent

We are members of CBL schemes in some areas, but not in all. In other areas, we have our own direct waiting lists. We also list some homes on our website. You can see what we have available now by visiting the 'Live with us' page, or by searching using the form below. 

Do I need a local connection?

If you want to move away from where you live now, you may be able to register with the CBL scheme in the area you want to live in, but some schemes will only accept you if you have a local connection to that area. Each choice-based lettings scheme is different, so it's important to check before deciding to move.

You might also want to consider swapping your existing local authority or housing association home with another tenant, this is what's known as mutual exchange. Accent is a member of Housexchange, if you're thinking about moving to an new area it might be worth considering registering with them.

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