How are we performing?

Performance Update for residents 2019/20

In our performance update, we've included all the information we know you want to hear about, including how we are doing on repairs, home improvements and complaints. There are some things you’ve told us you aren’t really that interested in, such as how we manage our income or rent arrears, as you expect us to be a financially sound organisation, so we’ve left these details out this year. If you'd like to look at our financial performance for last year in greater detail, you can find our audited accounts for 2018/19 on our here. Please bear in mind that the information you see here will be different from what is in your personal statement, as our audited accounts for 2019/20 aren't ready just yet. We'll be keeping last year's accounts linked to this page until the new accounts are ready in a few weeks' time.

Coming to you in April 2020 is your new personal statement – that’s part of our service offer, the Accent Partnership, our promise of a better service. You have helped us design the new personal statements by telling us what you want to see in them. You will get a statement every year. As well as the things you've asked us to tell you about, it will also remind you who your customer partner is, something else you’ve asked for.

So, we hope we are sharing the information you want to see but, if there’s anything else you'd like to see, or you want to talk to us about, we’d love to hear from you.  

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