Our Corporate Strategy 2024-27: Building on Strong Foundations

In 2024 we launched our new corporate strategy called Building on Strong Foundations.

This is our roadmap setting out how we’ll achieve our vision through the delivery on four key objectives to the end of 2027, underpinned with our continuing focus on organisational resilience.

Developed using insight from our customers, partners and stakeholders, our four key priority areas are:

  • Quality homes for the future
  • Excellence through customer-influenced services
  • Investing for success
  • Lasting change

Accent's Corporate Strategy 2024-2027

The strategy is called ‘Building on Strong Foundations’ and outlines our new vision for Accent and the steps we will take to get there.

More about our key priorities

You can read about the actions we are taking on each of our key objectives in our new strategy, but here is more information about each of the priorities that form the heart of our new roadmap:

Quality homes for the future

Our priority is to make Accent both environmentally and financially sustainable in the long term, building and maintaining larger numbers of better-quality homes for our customers that are loved and affordable to access and run. We will continue to deliver a large programme of new build homes this will provide new, more energy efficient, homes for new customers who need them.

Excellence through customer-influenced services

We want our services to meet the needs and the expectations of our customers and believe the best way to achieve that is to involve them as much as possible. We want to promote a more customerled approach to improving services, based on feedback, co-design, and a deep understanding of customer needs. We will do this through authentic engagement - listening, understanding, and acting responsively to the needs, aspirations and challenges of our customers.

Investing for success

We will build an environment at Accent where everyone is valued, respected and appreciated for who they are and what they bring, creating ‘moments that matter’ for our internal and external customers and colleagues every day. Through continuous engagement we will understand our colleague experience and know how to equip them to actively contribute their skills and energy, creating a positive and motivating work environment, which will drive higher productivity, job satisfaction, and retention.

Lasting change

Our national footprint provides us with an authoritative and unique perspective to talk to and evidence the fallout of the housing crisis. As an organisation with a strong commitment to continued growth, we will align with the key messages of the housing sector through sector-wide lobbying whilst presenting our own insight and expertise, utilising our customers’ lived experience to support our calls for long term change.

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