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Contacting Accent Housing

If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, please get in touch.

We have two teams ready and waiting for your calls: 

  • Our technical hub for your repair calls.
  • Our housing hub for your other rent, tenancy or support calls. 

Our hubs share the same number, your call will be directed just as it needs to be when you choose from a few simple options.

We are experiencing extremely high volumes of calls into our technical hub at the moment, but we are working hard to resolve this. You can find out more here. Where possible, please report your repairs via your MyAccount or on email, to keep our lines open for urgent calls and those customers who are unable to report problems online. 

You can also use MyAccount to:

  • Pay your rent online with AllPay;
  • Check your account balance;
  • Check the status of an existing repair;
  • Update your personal details;
  • Report anti-social behaviour;
  • Access documents like your annual charge notifications or personal statements;
  • Find out who your housing partner is. 
  • Receive notifications.

Making a complaint

We don't always get things right. We want to make it easy for you to tell us you’re not happy, so we can work to fix that.  

Find out how to make a complaint and read about our complaints and compensation process

Visiting Our Offices

Our offices are no longer open to customers or the general public so please do not visit them. If you need an appointment to see or talk with someone, we will be happy to make one for you.

Respecting our Staff

We are here to keep our customers safe and to provide the best service we can, but we’re also responsible for protecting our staff from abuse, hostility and violence. 

We take a zero-tolerance approach to verbal or physical assault of any nature towards our staff. They are trained to be respectful to you at all times, please respect them in return.


  • Address:
    3rd Floor, Scorex House, 1 Bolton Road, Bradford, BD1 4AS
  • Phone:
    0345 678 0555
  • E-mail:
  • Business Hours:

    Our contact centre is open from:

  • 8am to 6pm on Monday to Friday.

    Our head office is not open to visit. If you need to speak to your customer partner, or a certain member of staff, please contact us to make an appointment.  

  • Twitter: @AccentHousing

Homemade Homes by Accent, is the experienced property sales team within Accent Housing.

Contact Us

For all non-urgent enquiries please complete this simple form, if your enquiry is urgent please call us on 0345 678 0555.

If you would like to know more about how we use your personal information, please see our 'Privacy Notice'.

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