Delivering Housing fit for the 21st Century What We Do

We are Accent Housing, and we have been providing homes and services across the country since 1966.

Our 20,700 Accent homes spread across England are home to almost 42,000 customers and their families.

Everyone has the right to a safe, secure and warm place to call home but that’s not a reality everyone has. As a UK housing association, our purpose is to change that by providing homes where they are most in need and helping to tackle the housing shortage by building new homes. 

Our corporate strategy talks about our plans to build at least 1,500 affordable rented and low-cost home ownership homes by 2024, and we will look at every opportunity to build even more, to help even more people in need.  

But we are not just about building new homes. We invest in our existing homes to make sure they offer our residents the very best in living standards, by adapting to meet new ideas, environmental changes, new regulations for safety and security and modern technology to make them a home for life, in every way our residents need them to be.  


The Accent Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at Accent – they are our guiding principles, they define our culture and inform every decision we make to ensure we offer the very best customer experience.

Our Corporate Strategy 2021-24

Corporate Strategy 2021-24

We have three key priorities for the future of our homes, our services and our organisation. Successfully delivering our objectives will ensure that we meet the aspirations of our vision by enabling our customers to build better futures.

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