We carried out a survey aimed at finding out what Accent can do to improve the experience for customers who would like to manage their tenancy/lease online, via MyAccount. The full results of the survey are available here.

Our National Scrutiny Group (a group of customers who investigate Accent’s services) have used the findings from this survey to make a number of recommendations about how Accent’s online services could be improved. Their report is available here.

It may be some time before you notice any significant changes, but in the meantime here’s what we’re working on:

You said: ¼ respondents had difficulty creating an account or have had problems logging in since.

We did: Customers can already reset their own passwords; but have to wait 10 minutes before their new password will work. We’re working on a solution which will allow customers to reset their passwords and log-in straightaway.

You said: Respondents were confused by the different log-in pages.

We did: We have different log-in pages for prospective and existing customers. Now, if a prospective customer tries to log-in to their account via the page for existing customers (and vice versa) they will be directed to the correct page.

You said: Respondents were discouraged from paying rent/service charges or reporting repairs via MyAccount, because they do not receive an email receipt.

We did: We are planning to develop this feature.

You said: Respondents would like to be able to choose appointments when booking repairs online.

We did: We have already integrated our booking system with one of our repairs contractors. This means that we can make appointments at the first point of contact when customers report repairs over the phone. 

Our online repair reporting form, including on MyAccount, isn't available at the moment, but you can still use MyAccount to check your repairs history and the status of any repair you have reported before. We are currently making improvements to our repairs service and we will keep you updated on these.  

You said: Respondents would like to be able to upload pictures, describing repairs issues, to MyAccount.

We did: ‘MyDocuments’ will soon be released. This will allow Accent to send documents to customers (such as annual charge notifications) via MyAccount. Later versions of MyDocuments will allow customers to send files, including pictures, to Accent.

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