Fire Door Safety Week

This week is Fire Door Safety Week

It's a good time to remind ourselves about the importance of fire doors in buildings with internal escape routes. By fire doors we don't just mean the doors to communal rooms and on corridors, but also flat entrance doors that open onto an escape route.

Fire doors are vital in protecting escape routes in our homes. Providing they have all the necessary features and are in good condition, they can prevent a fire from spreading for at least 30 minutes.

Our health and safety advisors, who carry out fire risk assessments and health and safety inspections of schemes, are fully trained fire risk assessors, but there are some basic checks anyone can make:

  • Does the door look in good condition with no obvious signs of damage?
  • Does it have 3 hinges attaching it to the door frame?
  • Does it have a self-closing device that causes the door to close fully into the frame?
  • Are there intumescent strips and smoke seals set into the door or the frame, and if so are they intact?
  • Are the gaps between the door and the frame small (3mm or less)?

If you notice any dodgy doors, please contact us so we can carry out an inspection. 

 Be safe in your home.

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