Please do not use this page to report a repair, you can call us on 0345 678 0555 or use your MyAccount

Here, you can find out what new measures we are putting in place to improve your repairs and maintenance service.

For some customers, we know our service has been lacking in the past and we want to apologise for this. We are working hard to put it right, by making sure our service standards are met and that we deliver a great service that does everything it promises.

We have already made some changes to help us do this:

  • We have a new team in Accent to make sure we can deliver the service we promise, and to make sure your homes are safe, sustainable for the future and are of the quality you expect. Our new Director of Property Services Edith Shah is overseeing the delivery of our routine and planned repairs service.
  • We are also improving our technical skills and systems so we can better diagnose repairs. This will help us to better manage our contractors, improve first-time fixes and make sure more repairs are fixed within our set timescales, at the same time as offering support and advice.

Contractor Ian Williams will be our new repairs contactor for our southern region from 30 May 2022. Ian Williams currently provides good quality repairs and maintenance services to over 10,000 of our homes in other regions. We will be working very closely with Ian Williams and our other suppliers across Accent to make sure we are delivering the service we promise you.

As a homeowner, depending on your lease or transfer, and the type of home you live in, you may or may not receive a repairs service from us, or you may just receive communal repairs. We just wanted to let you know about our plans in case you have any questions.

We will keep this page updated with information about the improvements we are making. In the meantime, please use this form to let us know what you think about our plans.

Please continue to report your urgent repairs by calling us on 0345 678 0555, your non-urgent repairs can be reported through your MyAccount.

Improving Repairs Feedback

We're keen to hear suggestions from our customers in the South about how we can improve our repairs service.

Please do not use this form to report a repair, it is only for collecting your feedback and will not be monitored for appointing repairs.

We might want to contact you to discuss your feedback in greater detail

If you would like to know more about how we use your personal information, please see our 'Privacy Notice'.

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