Improving the Standard of our Empty Homes

In direct response to customer feedback, to help our new customers settle into their new homes, we have improved our void standard. 


We know that the costs of moving into a new home can be very expensive, and we want to support our customers through the process as much as possible. One thing that can really help to keep costs down is flooring, so we are now carpeting all bedrooms at the point of reletting a property if the existing flooring is not adequate.


We are also providing new customers with decoration vouchers or paint packs to help with the cost of redecorating, if we haven't already redecorated whilst the property was empty.


When a property becomes empty, we are now using hygrometers to measure the level of moisture in the air. These help to keep track of the humidity level in the home and are very useful when trying to reduce or prevent mould and damp. The hygrometers stay in the properties so customers can check humidity levels themselves. If the hygrometer breaks, we will replace it.

These are just some of the improvements we are making, and we are always open for more suggestions on how we can continue to improve our standards and services. Whether you are a new customer or an existing one, please contact us if you have any ideas. 







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