Introducing The Accent Partnership

The product of talking to 500 residents in surveys and focus groups.

Our fact finding mission was centred around one simple question – what more could we do to help our residents stay in their homes?

Answers ranged from how we could improve the lines of communication to how we could reward customers that always pay their rent on time. There was also some suggestions around the kind of information we provide, and what they think our responsibilities should be.

It is with their valuable input that we have arrived at a new vision of what your experience with Accent should be. We’ve called it the ‘Accent Partnership’, full details are below…

Renting your new property will be a seamless experience and we will make sure it is ready for you to make your home, with everything checked and in working order. We start by promoting our homes for rent and sale faithfully, so that you can be sure it will meet your needs.  All our homes will be great places to live, with well-maintained open spaces. We don’t stop investing in our homes once you have moved in either. We continually maintain and improve our homes to ensure we meet your expectations for a good quality home.

Get in touch in whatever manner suits you best. By popular demand, we have expanded our customer support offering to include online services in addition to our top class contact centre. MyAccount, our fully featured online account is on hand for you to contact us, make payments or request services at any time of day. Alternatively, you can phone up our top class contact centre and speak to someone instead.

Our relationship is important to us and we go above and beyond with customer care.

We will introduce you to a named officer dedicated to the area you live in. Your named Accent contact will be in touch soon after you move in to make sure everything is as you expected. We check that all repairs and snags are taken care of, point you in the right direction for local facilities, and give your rent account a once-over to make sure there are no complications further down the line.

They will continue to check in at least annually, allowing you to voice any concerns that have arisen, or any changes in circumstance that mean your home no longer meets your needs. We check, once again, that our provided services have been up to our standards, and that all safety boxes are still ticked. Finally, we leave you with a report detailing how our partnership has worked with you over the year.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We will carry out regular safety and security checks on your home, and your wider estate to make sure that everything is exactly as it should be – providing you with all of the relevant certificates for extra peace of mind. We need you to work in partnership with us to tell us of any areas of concern, and let us into your home to carry out these important checks. Further, we can support you and provide specialist advice about antisocial behaviour if this happens in the area you live.

The last thing you need is for household repairs to be a chore, so we make requesting them the exact opposite. Whether you choose to submit a repair request online, through our contact centre or with your dedicated Accent partner, the experience is seamless. We respond fast, turn up on time and make sure that our first fix is all that is needed.  Our service schedules and standards are there for all to see. We have nothing to hide, ask us anything you want to know at any point.

We want to work together to keep your rent account in top shape. Communication is key here. The sooner you tell us about payment complications, the sooner we can offer advice and support. We can check what support you are eligible for, and in some cases, even apply for it on your behalf. We will do everything we can to prevent you getting into debt and to help you if you face financial hardship.

Residents that have been with Accent for more than 12 months, and meet all of the terms of their tenancy agreement are the first on our list when it comes to improvement works. Better still, the longer you stay with Accent, the more MyAccount points you will build up – which can then be cashed in for a surprising range of goods and services.

We invest in technology with the sole purpose of serving you better – it is never change for change’s sake – self diagnosing and energy efficient appliances are but the tip of the iceberg. We also continually look for partnerships with companies and agencies who can help you with running your home, including low cost appliances and home furnishings. Your Accent Partner will have all the information about any additional services we can help with.

Have your say…

We spoke to as many residents as we could to create the vision for the Accent Partnership, but before we put anything in place, we want to hear from you if you think we missed something important. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and make your voice heard…

Accent Partnership Feedback

You can let us know your thoughts, both and good and bad using this form

We might want to contact you to discuss your feedback in greater detail

This is a great example of how residents have helped to shape and influence the services Accent provide

Richard Wilkinson, Accent resident & Board Member
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