We invited residents to take part in a survey aimed at understanding your priorities in terms of repairs.

Your feedback will help us to focus our efforts into improving the parts of the service which matter the most. We are pleased to report that 500 residents from all over the country took part, giving us a strong indication of your preferences.

You said: Respondents rated ‘selection of repairs appointments available’ their top priority.

We did: We are working with our contractors to reconcile our appointment schedules so that both staff and residents will have access to real-time information about which repairs slots are available.

You said: After selection of repairs appointments available, ‘being kept informed about changes to appointments’ was respondents’ next priority.

We did: We are considering ways in which we can keep residents better informed about their repairs. This could include a confirmation or a reminder of your appointment by text, or a text message to let you know an operative is on the way. We will offer customers a degree of choice about what information they wish to receive and when.

You said: Respondents were divided as to whether speed or convenience was more important to them, in terms of carrying out the repair. 

We did: We aim to complete all non-emergency repairs within 15 days. We hope that offering you real-time information about which repairs slots are available will help you to choose a convenient time and reduce the number of cancelled appointments.

You said: Two thirds of respondents would rather that emergency repairs were attended to within 4 hours, even if it means a follow-up appointment is required to resolve the issue in its entirety.

We did: We aim to make safe all emergency repairs within 4 hours. In 2018-19, 91% of all emergency repairs were responded to within this target timeframe.

You said: 9 out of 10 respondents would like the opportunity to provide feedback about their repair. 

We did: We are procuring a new service which will allow residents to submit comments about their repairs by text message. We anticipate that residents’ comments will help us to understand which parts of the service are good and which parts require improvement, and address service failures more effectively. 

Join the Accent 500

An informal online community of involved residents, who take part in regular surveys and consultations.

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