We invited customers to take part in a survey about how we can recognise and reward customers who pay their rent on time, look after their homes and are good neighbours.

Loyal customers feel neglected and disenfranchised – which is clearly something we need to address in order to promote customer loyalty and retention.

Customer feedback helped us to design our Loyalty Rewards scheme. Read more here.

You said: Respondents felt that engaging with Accent online should not be a requirement for eligibility into a prize draw. Respondents pointed out that our aim is to reward customers who adhere to the conditions of their tenancy – not to encourage customers to use our online services.

We did: We would still like to encourage customers to use our online services because we believe it promotes a better customer experience and better value for money. However, there will be separate incentives for customers who interact with Accent in this way.

You said: Respondents pointed out that customers who pay by Direct Debit had fewer reasons to monitor their rent account online.

We did: We decided to remove both eligibility criteria from our proposal. Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment (and we think many customers find this more convenient too) but we realise that this does not suit everyone.

You said: While most respondents agreed that a prize draw was the fairest way of selecting a winner, many suggested that all customers should be acknowledged in some way.

We did: Customers will have lots of opportunities to qualify for incentives under our Customer Rewards policy. More information is coming soon.

You said: Respondents indicated that in order for the incentives scheme to strike a balance between impact and reach, the prize draw should take place more often.

We did: We agreed that the prize draw would take place monthly, rather than quarterly.

You said: While most respondents supported our proposal to offer a decorating service to the winner of the prize draw, some respondents indicated that:

  • Their home did not require any decorative work
  • Their home could benefit from improvement in more than one room
  • They would prefer to carry out the work themselves

We did: We agreed that offering the winner of the prize draw a gift voucher would afford them the most flexibility in terms of improving his/her home and would be less administratively complex.

Join the Accent 500

An informal online community of involved residents, who take part in regular surveys and consultations.

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