We invited homeowners to give their feedback on the full range of services they receive from Accent. 

We are pleased to report that more than 500 homeowners took part in this consultation, giving us a strong indication of their preferences and priorities.

You said: Some homeowners felt disappointed by the lack of personal contact they received from us. Homeowners are not clear about who their Homeownership Officer is, or what their role is.

We did: We appointed a number of Homeownership Specialists. These new posts will replace our existing Homeownership Officer roles. 

Increased resources will allow staff to visit schemes more often, checking the quality of estate services, carrying out inspections and being more visible and accessible.

Residents living on leaseholder schemes will benefit from scheduled site visits, so homeowners can discuss matters face-to-face.

You said: Homeowners living on mixed tenure schemes were confused by the varying levels of service that Accent appeared to offer.

We did: Our Homeownership Specialists will be involved on more complex specialist issues on all our schemes, including our mixed tenure stock. They will work very closely with our Housing Officers and regional colleagues to ensure services to homeowners on our mixed tenure schemes are delivered well. 

You said: Homeowners do not see the logic in having a Homeownership Officer based miles away, in cases where Accent has staff based more locally.

We did: Three of our Homeownership Specialists are now based in the north, and will manage our properties in the northern regions. Meanwhile, we have created similar roles in the East and the South regions.

You said: Homeowners expressed dissatisfaction with the ground maintenance service generally. Problems include; irregular or infrequent visits, not having enough time allocated to do the job properly and poor attention to detail.

We did: Our specialists will ensure that our estates are attractive places to live, and work with colleagues to ensure estates services are delivered well. They will also carry out inspections to ensure our schemes are safe places to live and visit.

Where performance is not satisfactory or likely to reach such a level, we will review options for alternative delivery of services.

You said: Some homeowners expressed disappointment with the way that meetings have been facilitated.

We did: Homeowners will see our Homeownership Specialists on their estates more often and we plan to offer more regular residents’ meetings.

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