We invited customers to give their feedback on our proposed estates services specification. Our aim is to inform customers how and when work should be carried out, and to give customers an idea about the standard of work they should expect. 

Following customer feedback, we made some changes to the specification. You can find details below. An updated version is now available to download here.

You said: Respondents would like the order of the tasks to be listed in order of priority.

We did: We reordered the tasks to align them with customers’ priorities. For instance, ‘grass cutting’ now appears above ‘pruning overhead branches’ because this is more important in terms of maintaining the appearance of our estates.

You said: While most respondents agreed that displaying the schedule as a calendar made it easier to understand what tasks are carried out at different times of year; some questioned the ordering of the tasks.

We did: We grouped similar tasks together (for instance; those that are carried out during summer and those that are carried out during in winter).

You said: Respondents would have liked more specific details about when the contractors would visit.

We did: Unfortunately it is not possible to say which day of the week our contractors will visit, as this will vary for each estate.

However, we have stated how many times they should visit over the course of the year and during which months. We have indicated where the frequency will depend on the weather conditions.

You said: Respondents would like to know who is responsible for making sure that our contractors adhere to the schedule.

We did: The local Estates Services Officers will be jointly responsible for making sure these tasks are carried out as per the specification, but we rely on customer feedback too.

We routinely survey customers about the standard of the cleaning and grounds maintenance services. We have advised customers to report any concerns they have in this way, by means of the specification.

You said: Respondents would like to know which contractors deliver the cleaning and ground maintenance services in their areas.

We did: Unfortunately, it is not possible to say which contractors deliver services on the specification because this will vary for each region in which we operate.

From April 2020, we will administer a ‘personal statement’ which will provide a host of information specific to customers’ households and their areas, including the names of the cleaning and grounds maintenance contractors.

You said: Respondents would have liked a map to illustrate which areas of your estate our contractors are responsible for maintaining.

We did: We aspire to create a sitemap for each estate, and for customers to have access to this through MyAccount; but we anticipate this may take some time.

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