We asked residents living in accommodation for older people what level of support they might require in order to access our services online.

The feedback provided has helped us to engage with residents in ways which suit their particular circumstances, which may or may not be online. 

You said: Having consulted with residents and staff, we accept that some older residents will never be able to and never want to access our services online.

We did: In our Corporate Strategy, we have stated that: ‘customers can choose their preferred method for contacting us’ and we will make more of an effort to contact residents through their preferred communication channels.

We will continue to invest in our online services and our Contact Centre, so that the service is of equal standard; however residents prefer to contact us.

You said: Younger residents, and those who have recently moved to housing for older people, are more likely to access our services online and in many cases prefer to do so.

We did: We recognise that there are two or more generations of people living in housing for older people, and that some people are better able to cope with modern day technology.

Our new service offer aimed at older people will ensure that residents are socially included; which may involve helping them to adjust to the digital age.  

You said: Even residents who are engaging with Accent online prefer personal contact from time-to-time.

We did: Our improvements in technology are not designed to replace the need for personal contact. Residents will still be able to contact us by telephone, and arrange to see someone face-to-face.

You said: IT facilities in communal areas are not widely used. Many residents have their own devices already.

We did: We do not intend to update existing equipment. Residents have indicated that they prefer to use tablets, rather than desktop computers. Instead we will invest in Wifi and broadband provision in communal areas on schemes, so that it is accessible for those who want to use it.

You said: Providing IT equipment is only useful if training on how to use it is available.

We did: Our front-line officers will assist residents to set up an online account to manage their tenancies. It is hoped that this will help residents to access other online services. Where more specialist training is required, we will point residents in the direction of where to get help.

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