We carry out ‘customer care checks’ to ensure that residents are managing their tenancies well and that their properties are in good condition.

We invited customers to take part in a survey to find out what you think should be covered as part of this annual visit. 

You said: As well as discussing the maintenance of your home, respondents would also like to discuss any problems they might be experiencing in the neighbourhood.

We did: We are determined that ‘customer care checks’ are a conversation, not just a checklist. Our visits will be less focussed on identifying tenancy fraud and updating our records, and more focussed on addressing any concerns customers might have.

You said: While most respondents agreed that the best way to carry out a customer care check was a home visit, some respondents would prefer us to contact them in another way.

We did: We think it is important to visit customers so we can discuss their safety, comfort and wellbeing and also check the condition of their homes. We will contact customers by telephone or email to arrange a visit – we won’t turn up unannounced.

You said: Respondents indicated that they would like to talk more about future housing needs.

We did: Accent’s aim is to be ‘with you for your journey’. This means helping customers at all stages of their tenancies, and helping them to find more suitable accommodation when their needs change.

You said: Respondents agreed that ‘customer care checks’ should take place every year.

We did: We are improving our housing management system to help us identify customers who we have not checked in with for some time. The ‘customer care check’ will be carried out by the named Customer Partner who is responsible for making sure customers are safe, happy and comfortable in their homes. 

You said: We have consistently heard that customers would like information which is personal and relevant to their household and their area.

We did: From April 2020, we will administer an annual ‘personal statement’, which will provide customers with:

  • The opportunity to check and update household details
  • A summary of rent account activity
  • Customer Partner details and how best to get in touch
  • Information about improvements planned for the local area
  • Satisfaction data for the area and how it compares

Join the Accent 500

An informal online community of involved residents, who take part in regular surveys and consultations.

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