Accent is considering ways in which we can simplify our systems so that staff can spend more time delivering the customer service that residents want and expect from us. It has been recognised that some of our systems are too complicated, and are not helping us to solve cases as quickly and as effectively as we would like.

We are looking specifically at anti-social behaviour because this has a big impact on residents’ satisfaction not only with our services, but their living environments.

For this reason, we contacted residents who have experienced anti-social behaviour to find out more about their experience and whether our handling of the case could have been better. The survey revealed that:

You said: Up to one half of residents were dissatisfied with the overall handling of their anti-social behaviour case. In many of these cases, it is because Accent failed to keep them informed.

We did: We have simplified our anti-social behaviour process so that there are fewer steps for staff to complete. We hope this will mean fewer hand-offs and improve communication between case handlers and residents.

You said: Residents would have liked more personal contact with staff, including site visits, throughout the course of their cases.

We did: Our new simplified process will enable staff to spend more time in our communities, and less time in our offices updating our housing management system.

You said: Up to one third of residents were unclear as to what would happen next, following their report of anti-social behaviour.

We did: We will aim to be clearer about where residents can get help regarding their case at the first point of contact. Some issues are best dealt with by local authorities or the police. We have provided more detailed advice on ‘MyAccount’.

You said: Residents were unclear about who their Customer Partner was.

We did: We intend to publish an annual personal statement to all residents, which will remind them of who their Customer Partner is and how best to get in touch. We will notify customers of any changes.

You said: 4 out of 5 residents would like to have been able to manage their case online.

We did: Residents can now report anti-social behaviour using ‘MyAccount’. Residents have told us that ‘it was clear how to report anti-social behaviour’ and ‘explain the problem’ using the online service.

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