We invited both customers who had and had not experienced anti-social behaviour to take part in a survey.

Our aim was to find out how customers would get help, and how effective our support is.

You said: Respondents were unsure about where to turn for advice about anti-social behaviour.

We did: We will improve the guidance we offer on our website and on MyAccount, so that the advice we offer is clear and consistent. If Accent can’t support you, we will point you in the direction of where to get help.

We will promote success stories, so that customers feel confident in our ability to deal with anti-social behaviour, where appropriate.

You said: When respondents reported anti-social behaviour, they were not consistently advised what they could do about the problem, what Accent could do about the problem or who would be handling the case. As such, respondents felt confused about what would happen next.

We did: We will deliver training to our Contact Centre Advisors so as they can make decisions about the recommended course of action for different types of anti-social behaviour. Contact Centre Advisors will use the same online tools to advise customers about the recommended course of action – so customers will receive clear and consistent advice however they choose to report their concerns.

You said: 40% of respondents checked Accent’s website, and 27% of respondents checked MyAccount, for advice about anti-social behaviour before reporting their concerns. Respondents felt that the online advice was ‘limited’ and ‘complicated to navigate’.

We did: The advice we offer on our website and MyAccount will help customers to resolve less serious anti-social behaviour issues themselves. Customers will be able to easily locate advice and guidance for all types of anti-social behaviour.

You said: In more than half of cases, respondents found it difficult to get in touch with their case handler.

We did: Feedback has indicated that communication is a problem and is contributing to the reasons why customers are dissatisfied with the handling of anti-social behaviour cases.

We will make changes to our case management system to remind case handlers to keep victims of anti-social behaviour informed about progress, even if there have not been any major developments.

You said: In more than half of cases, respondents were not advised that their case would be closed and the reasons for this.

We did: We will consult customers before closing an anti-social behaviour case and record the outcome in our case management system. We will properly explain why we believe the case has been resolved or why we believe we are not able to resolve the case. In either case, we will advise customers what they should do if the problem persists. 

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