We want to make sure our homes stay in the best possible condition, so you always feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Our programme of planned works is designed to improve and upgrade your home, and keep it fit for everyday modern living.

We follow the Government’s Decent Homes Standard which defines a set standard for homes in the social housing rented sector.

Planned improvements are carried out in set cycles and to set specifications. Improvements include new kitchens and bathrooms, new doors and windows, new roofs, and replacing heating systems and electrics.

We rely on the information we hold about our homes when we set our cycles for planned improvements. This information comes from stock condition surveys which we carry out on every home, scheme and block every five years. Without an up-to-date stock condition survey, we do not know the condition of the fixtures and fittings in that home or block, which means it is difficult to plan our programme and fixtures that need to be replaced may be missed.

We may also need to carry out an asbestos survey in your home to check if any asbestos is present. We need to check there is no hidden asbestos which could be disturbed when work is being done. There is no need to worry about this. If a survey is needed, it will be done by our specialist contractor who will contact you directly to make an appointment to carry it out. The survey will cover the inside of your home but will focus mainly where the work is being done. If any damage is caused, we will repair it when the work is finished. Not every home will need a survey, so there is no need to worry if our contractor does not get in touch.

If you have been contacted to arrange a stock condition survey, please get in touch with us so we can carry this out quickly for you. If you would like to know you’re your home might be due planned works, or to check when your home was last surveyed, particularly if you think it might be overdue, please contact us.

Please email us on plannedworksteam@accentgroup.org or book an appointment for one of our surveyors to attend or contact our housing hub on 0345 678 0555.

We will contact you when you are due for any planned improvements so you have time to prepare, but if you would like to ask us anything about our planned programme, or you have any questions about the work your home is due, please get in touch via email or through our housing hub.

Here are some questions our customers often ask about our planned programme. If you have any further questions, or you would like to speak to us about an improvement which has been arranged, please contact us. We will be happy to speak with you.

When can I expect to get a home improvement?

When can I expect to get a home improvement?

We upgrade and replace fixtures and fittings as follows.

  • Kitchens – every 20 years.
  • Bathrooms – every 30 years.
  • Boilers/Heat sources – every 15 years.
  • Radiators/ Heat systems – every 30 years.
  • Windows – every 30 years.
  • Roof structure - between 60-80 years depending on the type of roof.
  • Outside doors – every 30 years.
  • Rainwater goods (guttering, drainage etc) - every 30 years.

How will I know when my home is due a planned improvement?

When your planned home improvement is due, we will be in touch to let you know which contractor will carry out the work. The contractor will also get in touch before the due date to say hello, explain what the work involves, what colours and choices you may have, and to let you know when, and for how long, they will be in your home.

Please understand that things sometimes happen that may cause appointments for the work to change from time to time, but we will always let you know if they do.

Can I opt out of planned improvements?

We want, and are required to, maintain your home to a set standard. However, in certain circumstances you may be able to opt out of having planned works completed.

If you want to opt out of any planned improvements in your home, you can complete our improvement refusal form and we will consider your request. If the request is granted, this refusal will remain on your home for five years.

After five years, we will contact you again to ask if you still wish to refuse the improvement. At that time, if you decide you want the work to be done, the refusal will be removed, and your home will be placed back into our planned program. This does not mean the work will be done straight away.

I’m a leaseholder/homeowner, how does this affect me?

The agreement, (lease or property title), you have with us will advise what work is our responsibility to repair and maintain and what falls under yours. For example, if your home is a flat in an Accent owned block, in most cases we are responsible to replace the communal roof, when required. Your lease will state how you will contribute to the cost of any communal works.

When we carry out an individual piece of work that equates to £250 or more per property, we are required to send you pre-consultation paperwork, (referred to as a 'Section 20'), which will provide further information about the proposed works. Should you have any queries or comments about the proposal, please contact us to discuss it further.

Please note, Section 20 does not apply for freeholders.

If you want to carry out home improvements, and your agreement confirms this is your responsibility, you may need our consent before you get started. If you are unsure about what your agreement says, please contact us and a member of the Leasehold and Homeownership team will be happy to help you.

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