Home Improvements

If you want to make any alterations to your home, your agreement will explain what permissions you need first. Examples of work you need permission for might include:

  • Replacing windows (where this is your responsibility)
  • Installing a new central heating system
  • Adding a lean-to/canopy or shed to your private garden
  • Outside water tap
  • Extensions and loft conversions
  • Removing or altering the layout of the property

You will need our permission for all work that will alter the structure or layout of your home, even if it is not part of the main structure. For example, taking down an inside wall that is not a supporting wall.

You should always check your agreement first before you think about any alterations or additions, if you are unsure about what your agreement says, please contact us.


If you're planning on doing any DIY in your home, please check to see if we've done an asbestos survey of your home. This will let you know if there's any asbestos, where it is and what to do about it before starting any work.
Click here to find out more and request a copy of the survey.

Conditions for Home Improvements 

To get permission you need to make a written request with details of the proposed works. We will consider this request and, if reasonable, give you the go-ahead. We will also note conditions where required, please ensure you follow these as this may invalidate any consent provided.

Depending on the work proposed, you may also need a pre-visit from one of Accent’s Maintenance Surveyors.

If you do work without getting our permission first, you would be breaking the terms of your agreement and we may require you to put the property back to how it was before you started the work.

You also need to check that you own the space you want to alter or use. For example, if your garden is shared, you cannot add an outbuilding, patio or shrub/flower bed.

Home Improvement Application

Either fill out one of the forms below (please fill out one form per improvement, if you are wishing to make numerous changes) or contact us and we will arrange for an application form to be posted to you if you prefer.

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