Improving Repairs

Please do not use this page to report a repair, you can call us on 0345 678 0555 or use your MyAccount

Improving our repairs service

As your housing provider, it is our job to listen to your views and act on the feedback that you give us. We know that our repairs service is something that’s important to you, and we are working hard with our contractors to ensure we deliver a great service to you.

The technical hub was launched in October 2022 and has a team of dedicated staff who have the skills and tools to ensure we diagnose the correct repair for our customers, which has increased our first-time fix rate. They also offer valuable repairs advice to customers which has helped reduce the number of repairs raised year on year.

Customer feedback is always important to us, and the technical hub also follow-up directly with customers who have let us know they are dissatisfied. This feedback helps us diagnose and identify any issues that need resolving and prevent any reoccurring issues.

How we are improving our repairs service

First-time fix increase

As at October 2023, our first time fix rate was 89%. 

To help us improve our target, we’ve brought in new technology which helps us make sure our contractors arrive at your homes with everything they need to fix the problem first time.  

We will continue to focus on improving this figure and all our repairs performance targets. 

Decrease in outstanding repairs

We’ve reduced the number of outstanding repairs by 65% in a year

With new processes, staff, and systems in place, we’ve been able to reduce the number of outstanding repairs. This allows us to respond more quickly and effectively when new repair requests are raised.

Our self-help videos can also help customers attend to their own minor repairs, such as unblocking a sink or toilet, or bleeding a radiator.

Improved damp and mould processes

We have improved our processes for dealing with damp and mould. 

This includes providing our surveyors with equipment which can better detect damp and mould at early stages, including humidity sensors and thermal imaging cameras.   

Our surveyors are also carrying out more routine inspections in our homes to detect early signs of damp and mould and provide support for customers as soon as possible. 

We are also identifying homes which could be at a higher risk of forming damp and mould and reducing that risk by, example, fitting ventilators, and ensuring we manage any cases quickly and effectively.

We have guidance about how you can prevent damp and mould.  


Repairs responsibilities

We have a new ‘repairs responsibilities’ leaflet which clearly explains which repairs we are responsible for, and which repairs our customers are responsible for. 

We have also produced several 'how to videos' which provide customers with a DIY, step by step guide to making some of their own minor repairs, such as unblocking a sink or drain and bleeding a radiator. This has freed up time and resources for us to respond to more complicated and urgent repairs.  


Technical Hub

Our technical hub is dedicated to responding to customers’ repair calls. Our telephone system helps reduce waiting and resolution times for customers and improves our overall repair communications.

We continue to look at new technology and systems to further improve our service.      

A bigger team

We’ve expanded and upskilled our team  

This means that our surveyors are better equipped with the skills and knowledge to carry out home inspections, so we have more up to date information. We have also increased the number of surveyors in all our regions so customers who need an inspection can get one quickly and efficiently. 

We provide more opportunities for training, including making training on the Housing Health and Safety Rating System compulsory for all our surveyors. 

Through our ‘grow our own’ programme, we have also introduced new surveying, customer liaison and contracts admin trainee roles so colleagues have the opportunity to progress within Accent. 


Don't just take our word for it

Mrs R was concerned over the delay to grounds maintenance works on her street following a contracting issue, and contacted our technical hub.

A new contractor was swiftly instructed to carry out the outstanding ground maintenance works.

Mrs R said, “We received a great letter explaining what had happened, and promising a new contractor. Within just two days they were here and working very hard. It’s all starting to look lovely again. I appreciate the efforts all the Accent team have gone to in resolving the issue for us. I’m particularly happy with the great communication. They’ve picked up the phone, kept me updated and I feel listened to.” 

Della had new doors and windows fitted throughout her property and said, “I cannot praise the company enough. So very professional, perfectionist they went above and beyond. Nothing was too much trouble. There was no damage you would not even know that they had been here.”

Kris contacted our technical hub to report an issue with his communal door and was concerned about damp and mould.

He was very happy with how Customer Advisor Marina helped him and said, “She saw it was a reoccurring issue and went above and beyond to arrange a surveyor to visit. All in all it was a fantastic interaction and lovely to see that she truly wanted to help solve the situation.”


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