Ways To Pay Your Rent And Service Charges

We want to make paying your charges as quick and simple as possible. We've listed some of the different ways you can choose to pay below, feel free to pick the one that works best for you.

Sometimes your agreement or lease will state how it must be paid. 

Paying your Rent and Service Charges

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is a simple, safe, and convenient way to manage your bills and make regular payments from your bank or building society account. Direct Debit is automatic, so, once it is set up, you don’t have to worry, even if the amount you pay changes. 

The easiest way to set up a Direct Debit is to call us, we can set up a Direct Debit over the phone.

Alternatively, you can complete the Direct Debit mandate and return it to us via email.

One of the benefits of Direct Debit is that you can choose what date and how often your payments are made, so you could ask for the money to leave your account just after you receive your wages or benefits. Any payments will be taken on or immediately after the date you have chosen.


Under the Direct Debit guarantee if Accent or your Bank or Building Society makes an error, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund of the amount paid.

We will always give you at least 30 days notice in advance of any change. As long as you wish to continue paying by Direct Debit you do not need to do anything.

Yes. If you'd like to cancel your Direct Debit please Contact Us.


‘MyAccount’ allows you to pay your rent safely and securely through Allpay, plus you can check your rent account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's easy to sign up if you haven't already.


You can use the Allpay app on your phone pay your rent. Just download it from www.allpay.net and register in just a few steps. You can then pay your rent when it's convenient for you, and keep your account up to date from your mobile phone.

If you don’t want to download the Allpay app, you can still make a payment through Allpay online. It's simple, all you need is your email address, your rent payment card and a debit or credit card. Visit www.allpayments.net to register.

Online payments are secure, but if you prefer to telephone Allpay to pay your rent, there is an automated telephone number which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 0330 041 6497 and have your 19 digit payment reference number along with your payment card ready. If you don’t have your payment reference number, please Contact Us.

You can now also pay by text. You'll need to register to use this service, for more information visit: www.allpayments.net/TextPay/OverView.aspx

Allpay is not part of Accent, but we provide a link the service for easy access.

Easy Payment (Swipe) Card

With this card, you can pay your rent at any post office, PayPoint or Payzone outlet. Payments will usually take 48 hours to appear on your account.

Don’t forget to keep your receipts or payment reference numbers when you use your easy payment card for proof of payment, should you need it.

If you would like an Easy Payment (swipe) Card please contact us.

Service Charges

As part of your rent agreement, you might find you pay for certain service charges for your home. These services can include, for example, cleaning and gardening. If you have any questions about your service charges, please contact us.

Find out more about service charges here.

53 Week Years

Occasionally the rent and service charge year has 53 weeks instead of 52.  This is the case for 2024/25, meaning that from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025, there will be 53 Mondays. You may or may not be affected by this depending on the frequency of your charges, how you pay and any benefits you receive.  Please refer to our 53 Week Financial Year page for more details. 

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