Accent Partnership

Our commitment to making sure that we:

  • Deliver the quality of service our customers have the right to expect.
  • Consistently drive value for money.
  • Make it easy for customers to access our services.

We have high standards for our homes and estates. To make sure they always meet those standards, we will:

  • Inspect your home before you move in.
  • Inspect any communal areas, (areas you may share) on our schemes and estates at agreed times.
  • Carry out any repairs in your home in line with our service standards. 

You can contact us in a way which suits you.

By Phone

  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
  • (Our repairs out-of-hours service operates outside these hours for any emergencies). 
  • We aim to answer your calls in two minutes.
  • We aim to action your call back requests in one working day.

By Email and MyAccount

  • We aim to respond to your emails in one working day.

In person

  • If you ask us to visit you, we will aim to do so within two working days. We will give you details of a named contact who will visit on an agreed day at an agreed time.

By letter

  • We aim to respond to your letters in five working days.
  • We aim to carry out non emergency repairs within 28 days, and emergency repairs within 4 hours.
  • We will confirm the details of your repair appointment by your chosen method of contact at least 24 hours before the appointment time.
  • If our contractor cannot make the appointment, we will aim to contact you at least 24 hours before to let you know.
  • Our advisors will listen to your repair enquiry and arrange for the proper tradesperson to carry it out.
  • Our contractors will turn up with the correct tools and materials to carry out your repair.

Your housing partner will carry out a welcome meeting to make sure you have everything you need in your new homes and explain:

  • your tenancy rights and responsibilities
  • our responsibilities
  • what you need to know about safety and security
  • when your rent is due and how to pay it
  • how to manage your account online

Your housing partner will also explain:

  • the minimum standard your home should meet
  • how much your home may cost to furnish or decorate
  • how you might be able to furnish or decorate your home more affordably
  • how we may be able to help and support you.

At least once a year, your housing partner will carry out a customer care check to make sure:

  • your home still meets the needs of you and your family
  • all your safety checks are up to date
  • contact details for you and your household are up to date
  • listen to any concerns you might have
  • check we have been keeping to our service standards.


  • We will carry out any necessary annual servicing.
  • We will provide information and advice to help you to stay safe in your home
  • We have a section on our website to explain how we tackle anti-social behaviour
  • We will make sure our people have the right skills and training to help tackle, prevent and overcome anti-social behaviour
  • We work with local police and other services to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Our staff will have the latest technology so they can answer your enquiries wherever they are and a time that works best for you.
  • We will be clear about how we will work with you to resolve any problems.
  • We will understand and listen to your problems or concerns and offer you the right support to help you deal with them.
  • Our people will have the skills and training they need to offer you advice that is right and current.
  • We will closely monitor your account and contact you as early as possible to discuss any areas of concern.
  • We will work with other organisations to help you with benefits, your finances and grants to help you get the things you need in your home.
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