Accent Housing Tenancy Agreements

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legal contract between you and us. It sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and our responsibilities to you as your landlord.

Types of tenancy

At Accent Housing, we have several different types of tenancy agreements. Your agreement will be based on when you became a tenant with us and the type of home you are in.

Our most common types of tenancy agreements are listed below:

  • Starter Tenancy: this is the main type of tenancy we issue for new tenants. This tenancy is initially for just 12 months and, providing there are no issues or significant breaches of your tenancy agreement, this would be promoted to a full assured tenancy, no new agreement is needed to be signed. The amount of rent you pay will be set when the tenancy starts and then reviewed every April.
  • Assured Tenancy: this is our most common type of tenancy. The rent for your home will be set at the start of your tenancy and will be reviewed once a year. The date of your rent review can be found in your Tenancy Agreement alongside details of how your rent will increase. We must abide by your Tenancy Agreement and the rules set down by the government. The government sets the formula we use for calculating the rent we charge you each year. The formula we use to calculate the rent increase is based on the consumer price index (CPI). (The CPI is based on the average price of shopping and other services, such as transport, food and medical care).

If you are unclear about what type of housing association tenancy you have, please refer to your tenancy agreement or contact us.

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