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If you are a freeholder, your property title will detail the relationship between your property and Accent. Some freeholders are provided with services such as the upkeep and repair of certain communal areas. Freehold customers should refer to their particular agreement with us for details of their specific rights and responsibilities.


As a leaseholder, you have purchased the right to occupy your home for a period of time specified in the lease. Leases are usually granted for either 99 or 125 years (the term will be specified in your lease). When the term is up, the property passes back to the freeholder unless the lease term is extended.

Leases vary depending on when you bought your home and the type of home you own. Your lease will describe the home you have bought and will have a plan showing the building and boundaries. It will also explain each party’s responsibilities.

In general, these are the responsibilities included in a lease:

Your responsibilities:
  • Looking after the inside of your home.
  • Paying your ground rent and service charges as required.
  • Only using your home as a private dwelling.
  • Not making any structural alterations or extensions without first getting our written permission.
  • Not selling or sub-letting (if applicable) your home without our permission.
  • Allowing us access for any inspections, or to complete repairs (including emergency access).
Our responsibilities:
  • Insuring the building (this does not include cover for the contents of your home).
  • Keeping the structure and exterior of the building(s) in good repair (Leasehold/Share Ownership - Flats/Maisonettes only in most cases)
  • Maintaining any communal services.
  • Maintaining and repairing the communal parts of the building/scheme.

These are not definitive lists of responsibilities, please check your agreement if you are unsure if any of these apply to you, or which apply to Accent. If you do not have a copy of your agreement contact our Homeownership team or Land Registry.

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