Meet your Housing Team in the East

We are working hard behind the scenes to recruit the final of our Housing Partners to complete our new Housing Services team. As soon as they’re in post, we will update this page.

In the interim you can speak to our team. Your Area Housing Manager will be able to support you.

Louise Graham Smith 2

Louise Graham-Smith

Louise is your Director of Housing Services for the South and East.


Pratik Popat

Hi, I'm Pratik your Head of Housing Services for the East.

Lucky Khan

Lucky Khan

Hi, I'm Lucky, your Area Housing Manager for the East.

Alan Percival

Alan Percival

Hi, I'm Alan Percival, Area Housing Manager in the East region.

Chris Garlick

Chris Garlick

Hi, I'm Chris, your Housing Partner for Nottinghamshire.

Deima Ralickaite

Deima Ralickaite

Hi, I'm Deima, Housing Partner for Rutland and Bedford.


Jenna Lowry-Hubball

Hi, I'm Jenna, your Housing Partner for Hampton and Trelowen Way.

Zoe Goodwin

Zoe Goodwin

Hi, I'm Zoe, your Housing Partner for Huntingdonshire.

Michelle Burke

Michelle Burke

Hi, I'm Michelle, your Housing Partner for Fenland.


Rachel Robinett

Hi, I’m Rachel, your Housing Partner for St Neots.

Sam Middlemiss

Sam Middlemiss

Hi, I’m Sam, your Housing Partner for West Peterborough.


Terri Griffiths

Hi, I’m Terri, your Housing Partner for North Peterborough.

Denise Watts


Hi, I’m Denise, your Housing Partner for Lincolnshire.


Melanie Ellard

Hi, I’m Melanie, your Housing Partner for South Cambridgeshire.

Nicola Hibbert Grey Background

Nicola Hibbert

Hi, I'm Nicola, your Housing Partner for Hampton and Trelowen Way.

Macauley Jenner

Macauley Watson-Jenner

Hi, I'm Macauley your Housing Partner for Greater Northants.

Fiona Kidd

Fiona Kidd

Hi, I'm Fiona your Housing Partner Trainee for Hempsted.

Kirsty Cox Website

Kirsty Cox

Hi, I'm Kirsty your Housing Partner for Central Peterborough.

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