Meet the Homeownership and leasehold team

Accent's Homeownership & Leasehold Team

Our Homeownership & Leasehold Team can help with queries from customers who have purchased a home from us or, receive services from us which are linked to their home.

Whether a shared owner, leaseholder or freeholder, our knowledgeable team are here to specifically help you. Below are some examples of query types they can assist with:

  • Your lease or property title
  • Buying more of your shared ownership home
  • Extending your lease
  • Remortgaging your shared ownership home
  • Home Improvements / changes to your home (non-communal)
  • Communal services we provide you with
  • Anti-social behaviour

They can also assist Accent tenants with any Right to Acquire or Right to Buy queries, as well as guide you through the process if you're eligible and want to purchase your rented home.

If you have any questions or queries around paying your ground rent and/or service charge, estate services, or reporting a communal repair, you can get in touch with our technical and housing hub teams.

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