We have seen examples of considered, insightful and detailed responses from customers in recent surveys and we are thinking about how we can reward engagement of this type.

We invited customers to give their feedback on our proposals to reward customers based on the 'quality' of their responses to surveys.

These proposals divided opinion.

Many customers felt that rewarding engagement of this type would provide assurance that customer comments are taken into consideration:

‘I would feel that you really are interested in what I have to say instead of just getting me to answer because these things are required of you’.

However, many customers felt that being able to provide feedback is already a privilege and it should not be rewarded nor incentivised.

‘I choose to complete a survey because I am interested in it and/or it is relevant to me. I would like to think that I provide good quality and honest answers to any survey that I take part in regardless of rewards.’

You can see the full results to the survey consultation here, and find out how we are responding the the feedback below. 

You said: ‘Knowing that a human is reading [our comments] and to be offered a possible reward for our thoughts is nice experience for a customer’.

‘It will distort thoughtful opinions as you get people just replying because there is an immediate possible benefit to them’.

We did: We will offer rewards to customers who provide insightful feedback from time-to-time to provide assurance that their comments are useful and valued.

However, we will not be promoting this offer as an incentive scheme or a competition, because we acknowledge that this could skew survey findings.

You said: ‘If customers can see their feedback is really being listened to and taken on board, they may be inclined to continue giving feedback’.

We did: We will publicise customer comments, especially if they have been instrumental in influencing a change or improvement, to demonstrate that they have been taken into consideration.

You said: ‘There are always people, for example your younger tenants, who will not engage in any kind of contact’.

We did: We launched a separate consultation to find out how we can better engage with younger people. You can find out more about the outcomes here.

You said: ‘A voucher that you are able to use in a supermarket. These would help families that are struggling to make ends meet’.

We did: We initially proposed to offer online retailer vouchers as rewards, but given the circumstances, many of you suggested that supermarket vouchers would be more useful.

You said: ‘Accent could encourage the Customer Partners to engage more with customers. Until they do that customers and tenants will always feel left out or left behind’.

We did: We are determined that customer engagement is the responsibility of all operational colleagues – not just an online activity. Customer Partners have already carried out a great deal of customer engagement locally. You can read more about its outcomes here.

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