Local changes in Bagshot

Find out more about how your views have influenced change at a local level...

October 2021

You said: Residents missed seeing our staff and contractors out on-site, due to the coronavirus restrictions, and were starting to feel disenfranchised.

We did: As restrictions began to lift, our thoughts turned once again to how we could safely meet with customers face-to-face once again and deliver a 'personal' customer experience. Our staff visited the estate to catch-up with residents (new and existing), to find out how they'd been coping with the restrictions and provide any support they could. The restrictions had led to a backlog of repairs in some areas. Our staff were on hand to take reports of repairs and chase up any repairs which were outstanding. We also invited our partners at Surrey Heath Borough Council and the local PCSO to explain how we’re working together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

January 2020

You said: Following a spate of burglaries in the Bagshot area, residents at this Independent Living Scheme were left feeling unsettled and insecure.

We did: The quick-thinking Scheme Manager contacted the local police force. They soon made a referral to the local Safer Neighbourhood team who arranged for officers to patrol the area. Residents feel reassured to see a bobby on the beat.

January 2020

You said: Residents at this Independent Living Scheme were concerned about fraud perpetrated in the local area, particularly targeted at older people.

We did: The Scheme Manager invited the local Police Community Support Officers to speak to residents about the dangers of identity fraud, courier fraud, holiday fraud, mass-marketing fraud, investment scams, door-to-door scams, banking and payment card scams, mobile phone scams, ticketing scams, online shopping fraud and auction fraud. Residents benefited from handy leaflets as well as first-hand advice.

August 2020

You said: In 2020, we took the decision to close communal lounges in all schemes across the country. The aim was to minimise contact between residents and to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading. As the country began to emerge from lockdown, some residents wanted the communal lounges to reopen.

We did: We consulted with residents to determine whether they would be in favour of reopening the communal lounge and what safety measures they would like to see in place if the communal lounge were to reopen.

May 2022

You said: Residents would like more regular and frequent contact with the staff who deliver their services.

We did: The Scheme Manager, the local Customer Partner and the Estates Services Officer attend on a quarterly basis to hear customers' ideas, suggestions and concerns, especially with regard to grounds maintenance and communal cleaning. The aim is to give customer greater influence over the way that their communal areas are landscaped and maintained.

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