Comments & Complaints

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

Your comments, compliments and complaints are welcome, and they can be submitted in any way – letter, email, phone or social media. 

We accept complaints from anyone who received a service from us, and we may also investigate complaints from anyone who feels they have been affected by our services.

Not sure about talking to us yourself? Don’t worry, we accept complaints from someone acting on your behalf.

We aim to deal with complaints thoroughly and as quickly as possible – and always to your satisfaction - but, if you are not happy at the end of our complaints process, you may have a right to complains to a ‘designated person’ (someone nominated by your local MP or councillor) and the Housing Ombudsman. (Just to mention that the ombudsman will not consider a complaint until eight weeks after the end of our process). You can contact the Housing Ombudsman via email: or by telephoning 0300 111 3000.

You can complain about most things that have a serious affect on you and your home, but we cannot respond to reports of children playing - even if they are noisy. If it is innocent fun, it's not a complaint.

Please note, if you are a DOMUS resident, you will need to complain to the Property Ombudsman Service, email: telephone: 0330 440 1634. You do not have to wait eight weeks.


Comments and Complaints

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