Who Is Eligible for Sheltered Accommodation?

Housing Associations have very good housing properties for all kinds of people. Especially for those who don’t want to, or can’t, rent from a private landlord.

These not-for-profit organisations offer residents all across the United Kingdom with the opportunity to rent an affordable home. In fact, Accent Housing has been providing homes to people since 1966, fulfilling their ambitions of becoming homeowners.

As a Housing Association with multiple property types available, we commonly get asked questions with regards to eligibility. So this Accent Housing blog aims to answer any questions you have about our sheltered accommodation.

What is Sheltered Accommodation?

Sheltered Accommodation is also known as Sheltered Housing and Independent Living. It refers to property schemes that have been designed or adapted to accommodate the needs of the elderly or the disabled.

Built and managed by local authorities and housing associations (like Accent Housing), Accent’s sheltered housing comes as one-bedroom self-contained flats. Facilities within the scheme can vary but the majority are inclusive – featuring lifts, safety features, and communal spaces for accessible living. Not all but some accommodations will also have a sheltered housing warden onsite or on-call which gives the residents extra security.

Who is Eligible for Sheltered Accommodation?

Most schemes will only accept applicant over the age of 60 because they are designed for seniors. However, here at Accent Housing we accept applicants at 55+ and even 45+ depending on the scheme and circumstance of the resident.

If applicants are disabled, some of our schemes gives them eligibility to sheltered accommodations. But they must be able to live (mostly) independently due to safety and wellbeing reasons. This is because sheltered accommodations are apart of independent living schemes. Otherwise, assisted living schemes may be more appropriate for them.

Apart from needs and age, there are usually some other criteria that one must cover to determine their eligibility.

You may also be eligible for sheltered accommodation with Accent if you:

  • Do not have any housing-related debts
  • Are not guilty of anti-social or illegal behaviour
  • Will not be subject to immigration control
  • Have a low income
  • Are homeless

Though the majority of sheltered housing is designed for single applicants, Accent Housing does also have properties suitable for double applicants. Couple suitable flats include a double bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and spacious living area.

What are the Benefits of Accent Housing’s Sheltered Accommodation?

Being an Accent resident and apart of Accent’s independent living scheme is incredibly beneficial.

Considering the purpose of independent living schemes, these homes are designed to give residents the freedom to live in their own place. Furthermore, sheltered accommodation is future proofed.

As we get older and retirement creeps closer, our homes can start to become more dangerous. Steep staircases, poor accessibility, trip hazards from carpet wear and tear, for example. But sheltered accommodation is already adapted to all of these risks. It allows for changes in residents’ health or circumstances so that moving out is unnecessary.

Accent Housing offers emergency repairs services, too. And you don’t ever have to worry, this service is available 24/7. You can contact us at any time, night or day, to report your issue and we’ll come and fix it for you as soon as possible.

Sheltered housing properties are suitable for those who are on low incomes. That’s why our weekly payments for sheltered accommodation are affordable and the apartments we offer are truly a great value for money.

Here’s some other key benefits of Sheltered Accommodation:

  • Well-maintained communal areas and gardens.
  • Schemes available for those aged 55 and above.
  • Secure environment.
  • Located close to main transport links.
  • Social events and activities.

The independent living schemes at Accent also include a Friendly Scheme Manager. Someone every resident on this scheme will come to know on a personal level. Our friendly scheme managers are there for you.

They will provide help and support, should you require it and they also work hard to organise events for you to improve the sense of community.

How Do I Apply For Sheltered Accommodation with Accent Housing?

There’s two main methods for applying with Accent Housing! Just choose the one you prefer.

Contact Our Team

On our Sheltered Housing page, you can find the nearest independent living scheme to you and input you contact details into the form.

Then one of our team members will reach out to you ASAP. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait, you can get in touch with the Accent team on 0345 678 0555. Make sure you ask to speak to someone in regard to sheltered housing.

Online Application

For those who would prefer a digital approach, you can sign up for a Let’s Move account. On Let’s Move, you can search for all available sheltered accommodation properties and then apply directly online.

Let’s Move also has extra features that may be of use to you such as setting up alerts, so you can be notified if something suitable becomes available.

Accent Housing would love to provide you with your new forever home. If you would like to see all our available homes for sale, head over to homemadehomes.com to view them.

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