Who Has A Right To Rent In The UK?

As Accent Housing is a housing association, there are things that tenants need to know before looking to apply for a property. Not just things regarding Accent Housing such as eligibility and availability, but also an individual’s actual right to rent in the United Kingdom.

So in this Accent article, we have set out everything you need to know about Right to Rent. That includes what it is, how checks are done, and what this means for you as a tenant.

What is Right to Rent?

In England, Right to Rent requires all landlords to check that any tenants who occupy their properties have legal status to live in the UK. Before you can even rent a home in England, a landlord has to undertake passport and immigration checks prior to letting out their property.

The Home Office’s main upon introducing Right to Rent checks was to make it harder for people to live illegally in the UK. If your tenancy began, in England, on or after 1 February 2016 and the rented property is your main home, you will have to prove that you have a legal status to live, and therefore a Right to Rent, in the UK.

Who Has To Be Checked?

Before a new tenancy is started, all tenants over the age of 18 must be checked, even if:

  • There’s no tenancy agreement
  • They’re not named on the tenancy agreement
  • The tenancy is not in writing

How Do Checks Work?

There are certain requirements landlords must uphold when carrying out Right to Rent checks. They must:

  • Check an original form of ID (This is usually from a list of acceptable identification documents).
  • Verify documents of any and all adult occupiers aged 18+, even if they’re not named on the tenancy agreement.
  • Make copies and keep them throughout the tenancy and for up to a year after.
  • Complete follow up checks for things that are time-limited, for example student visas.
  • Return all original documents after completing their check.

When landlords are making copies of a tenant’s documents, they will not be shared with other public or private parties nor will they come to any damage. They are stored safely and securely throughout the entire tenancy with copies.

Tenants will receive all of the original documents back after the check whilst the copies will be kept so that a landlord can refer back to them.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic over the past couple of years, checks with all prospective occupiers have been amended. Ordinarily, these checks would strictly happen face to face with original documentation.

However, checks can be made over video call up until 30 September 2022.

If you’re a tenant in social housing, a care home, a mobile home, or student accommodation, you will not need to be checked.

As Accent Housing is a housing association, tenants are not likely to need checks before renting. This is because housing associations are not-for-profit organisations that offer housing with affordable renting prices.

Many housing associations provide social housing as some social housing landlords are housing associations. Therefore, tenants will not be subjected to Right to Rent checks. It’s important to note that this does not apply to all housing associations because social housing properties are also provided by local councils. That means that the social landlord is not from a housing association but from the council.

Find An Affordable Housing Association Property To Rent with Accent Housing

Currently, Accent Housing has over 20,000 homes spread across the North, East, and South of the country. Including many properties in Lancashire and the surrounding areas.

You must meet a number of criterion to be eligible to rent a housing association property through Accent Housing. Here’s some of them:

  • Must be over the age of 18
  • An applicant must not be subject to immigration control
  • Applicants must not be property owners or have financial resources to purchase or privately rent properties
  • Must not have deliberately worsened their circumstances with intent to secure social housing
  • Any applicant must not have any housing related debts or be guilty of illegal and anti-social behaviour

Looking to find out more about renting a home from Accent Housing? View the latest available homes on our Live With Us page.

Alternatively, we have a range of shared ownership homes available on our specialist sales website, homemadehomes.com.

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