Who Can Rent From A Housing Association?

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly. Which is why, here at Accent Housing, we strive to embrace diversity – we understand that everyone has different needs and aspirations. That’s why we want our services and our homes to be your perfect match.

Accent Housing has been providing affordable homes to customers since 1966. And we aim to be as inclusive as possible.

In this Accent Housing article, we’ll tell you exactly who can rent from Accent as well as how to rent and affordability.

Who is Eligible for a Housing Association Property?

Every Housing Association is slightly different in the guidelines they have when it comes to considering applicants that can apply for their affordable properties. So if you don’t match the criteria that Housing Association has, you won’t be able to rent a home with them – you will be deemed ineligible.

Here’s a list of some criteria you need to meet in order to be considered eligible with Accent Housing:

  • Applicants must be aged 18 years or older.
  • You must not be property owners. If they are in a position to purchase or privately rent, they are ineligible.
  • An applicant must not be subject to immigration control.
  • Anti-social or illegal behaviour will equal ineligibility. You must also have no housing-related debts.

Actually, the main criteria for eligibility in renting from a housing association is having low income, or financially struggling. Because housing association properties are financially designed to be more affordable, more accessible options for people.

If you are homeless or in less than ideal circumstances and cannot afford private rent, you are eligible then, also.

Please do get in touch with Accent Housing if you wish to know the complete list of criteria. And don’t forget that some properties come with additional requirements. Only those aged 55 and over are eligible for independent living schemes, for example.

How Do I Rent from a Housing Association?

Once your eligibility has been determined, you’ll be closer to the next step: registering with your local housing association.

When registering online with Accent Housing, you can do so by using our service, Let’s Move.

Let’s Move is Accent’s online application system where you can apply directly for many of our properties, such as those available in Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Teesside. And registering couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is give us some personal details and we’ll do the rest.

Looking for a home to rent from a housing association may mean that you’ll get asked questions about various things. These could be about your:

  • Current living situation
  • Income
  • Job history
  • Savings and assets
  • Family and children/adults that are dependent on you
  • Visas and immigration documents for non-UK citizens.

Plus you get many benefits as an Accent resident! 24/7 on-call repairs service and customer contact centre access.

Renting from a housing association is the best option for more affordable housing prices, especially as the cost of rent can vary from location to location.

Get in Touch with Accent Housing

Accent Housing has a wide range of housing properties available for rent, all of which are viewable on homemadehomes.com. Homemade is the experienced property sales team within Accent that offers both new and resale shared ownership homes.

We have properties available across the country and have helped hundreds of people become homeowners. If you would like more information about any of the properties currently available, contact our dedicated team on 0345 678 0552. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@homemadehomes.com, we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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