Where Do I Find Housing Association Property To Rent?

Demand for Housing Association homes can vary greatly depending on what area of the country  you live in, with many associations operating long term waiting lists. At Accent some of our homes are available to rent from us immediately, with others available through local Choice Based-Letting schemes.

Renting a home from a housing association can bring many benefits including being able to rent a home for longer, which gives residents and their families extra security and peace of mind when  compared to renting privately.

What Is A Housing Association?

Housing associations like Accent Housing are non-for-profit organisations that provide residents with safe, quality, and affordable homes. Whether that be for rent or buying a homes through shared ownership.  getting on the property ladder.

Housing association homes are typically for residents on a low income who need additional support when it comes to owning/renting their own home. Renting a home from a housing association is a luxury, due to high demand properties aren’t always easy to get.

The appeal of renting from a housing association points in the direction of security that you don’t often get from a private landlord.

What Does Renting From A Housing Association Mean?

Housing associations generally provide rental accommodation at 'affordable' prices; of course, the definition of affordable varies between areas and associations. However, the obvious advantages to renting from a housing association include rent which is usually subsidised to below market value.

What Is The Difference Between A Council House And A Housing Association?

From the outset, they’re very similar, but the difference is very simple. A council housing is where the councils own the homes and are responsible for the upkeep of the property they’re renting out.

On the other hand, a housing association property is where a private company owns the affordable home and is responsible for their upkeep but rents them out to tenants who receive monetary help.

Am I eligible To Rent A Housing Association Property?

Depending on the location and Housing Association itself, each one differs in its guidelines of eligibility when considering potential residents. Passing each criterion will allow you to rent a home from a Housing Association, failure to match the criteria and you won’t be able to rent.

Here is just a brief list of the criteria you must meet to be considered:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must not be subject to immigration control
  • Must not be a property owner or have the financial resources to purchase or privately rent a suitable property
  • Must not have deliberately worsened their circumstances intending to secure social housing
  • Must not have housing-related debts or be guilty of anti-social or illegal behaviour

In many scenarios, the main criteria for being eligible to rent a home through a Housing Association are having a low income, financially struggling or having next to nothing in terms of savings. If you have a deposit and can’t afford a home on the market, then shared ownership could be your best option.

You will also be eligible if you are homeless or are residing in unsuitable circumstances and cannot afford private rent.

Another criteria that will stand you in good stead is if you have lived in the area for many years or if you have a local connection. A local connection is something that ties you to the area, such as a job, family member or someone you care for.

Some housing associations are more lenient with their application requirements. To view the full list of criteria, please get in touch with Accent Housing.

Get In Touch

We currently have more than 20,000 homes spread across the North, East and South of the country, including many in Lancashire and surrounding areas.

If you are looking to find out more information about renting a home from us, you can view some of our latest homes for rent on on our live with us page.

Alternatively, if you need assistance getting on the property ladder contact our experienced property sales team Homemade to find out more.

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