Talk Money Week: Managing Your Finances When Renting From A Housing Association

The 8th-12th November is Talk Money Week. As a housing association providing affordable homes throughout England, we thought we would take this opportunity to start the conversation about finances.

In this blog, we are going to share our advice and highlight the various tools and resources Accent Housing offers to help you manage your finances.

What Is Talk Money Week?

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign started by Money & Pensions Service to encourage the nation to talk openly about money. Many people find it difficult to talk about money, especially if they have unwanted money secrets, such as debt, loans or credit cards.

Every November, Talk Money Week encourages people to talk about their finances with those closest to them, including their partners, families and friends. Talking opening about finances has several benefits, for example it:

  • allows you to make better and less risky financial decisions
  • enables stronger personal relationships
  • helps children form good lifetime money habits
  • reduces feelings of stress and anxiousness and makes you feel more in control.

Overall, talking about your finances can improve your physical, mental and financial wellbeing. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, talking about our finances is now more important than ever.

Finances And The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the nation's finances. In the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, there was an abrupt decline in employment, income and earnings, with national income falling by a whopping 20% in April 2020.

It has left countless people struggling financially and has unfortunately impacted the earnings of the poorest households the most. For those already on a low income before the pandemic, the impact has been devastating.

Affordable Housing With Accent Housing

For those on a low income, having affordable housing is a key priority. At Accent Housing, we offer quality, affordable housing across the North, East and South of England.

Our homes are often let through choice-based letting schemes but many of our homes are available to rent directly through us.

If you are on a low income or have been significantly impacted by the pandemic and you require affordable housing, get in touch with our team.

Throughout the pandemic, the Accent Housing team did everything we could to support our residents. We understood the financial impact of the pandemic and worked hard to provide support to those struggling financially.

Our team wanted to ensure that each Accent resident stayed in their home and reassured our residents that they would not lose their home if they could not pay their rent.

The specially trained team worked closely with our residents to help them through the national emergency.

Alongside support from our team, we also have a range of online tools and resources to help our residents better manage their finance.

Support Available From Accent Housing

Accent Housing has several useful tools and resources available to anyone who needs help with their finances. These include:

Benefits Calculator

Do you think you could be missing out on government help? Accent Housing’s Benefits Calculator is free to use and allows you to find out what benefits you might be able to claim. Any details you provide when using the benefits calculator will remain anonymous.

Budget Calculator

Our user-friendly Budget Calculator helps you stay on top of your finances by working out how much disposable income you have each month and teaching you how to budget your money. It is simple and free to use, all you need is:

  • Your income, e.g. from benefits, pension details or any earnings
  • Your partner’s income, including any benefits
  • How much money you have going out on debt repayments, or money coming in from interest on savings
  • Your household bills, for gas, electricity, food, mobile and internet payments, leisure activities, etc.
  • Your bank statements so you can refer to them to check your figures

Money Navigator Tool

Our Money Navigator Tool was launched following the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to help you get back in control of your finances by providing a plan of action based on your situation.

The Money Navigator Tool is particularly useful if your income has decreased, you’re facing redundancy, you’re self-employed and struggling to find work, or you’ve been furloughed and are struggling to get back on track. The tool is useful to anyone that is worrying about their future finances.

It provides instant help. Within 30 seconds, you will know:

  • Which money issues you need to tackle first
  • How to stay on top of bills and payments
  • What extra help and support you’re entitled to
  • Where you can get free advice for debt, housing or redundancy

The Money Navigator Tool has been launched with support from several key partners, including Citizens Advice, Business Debtline, National Debtline, StepChange, PayPlan, Turn2Us and Shelter.

Debt Advice Locator

If you need free local debt advice but aren’t sure where to get it, our Debt Advice Locator will help. You can search for a debt advice service near you and then make an appointment with a service that is free, confidential and holds a standard or membership code accredited by the Money and Pensions Service.

Extra Support

Accent Housing can also offer additional support to anyone struggling financially or at risk of losing their home. Find out more about our Extra Support here.

Find Out More

Accent Housing has been providing affordable housing since 1966. We offer flats, family homes and sheltered accommodation across England. Our residents are a diverse range of people from an array of backgrounds with varying circumstances.

If you would like to rent a home from Accent Housing, you can use our search function to view our available properties. Or you can sign up to Let’s Move our dedicated online application app. Let’s Move enables you to browse new property listings and set alerts for properties suitable to you.

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