Staying Safe This Winter

As we all know, winters in the UK can get very cold. This can be a real issue for older people who cannot manage with the cold as well as they used to.

If you are an older person living in the UK, then you might want to start preparing for winter and you will need to know how to keep warm when the weather takes a turn.

Here are Accent Housings tips for Staying Safe This Winter.


Wrap Up Warm

To keep warm in winter you need to be able to raise your body temperature and keep it at that temperate. We get cold when heat escapes the body, and this can happen if you are not wearing appropriate clothing.

Make sure you are wearing clothing that is suitable for the weather, such as long sleeve shirts and trousers. You can also wear a thick jumper or fleece to help keep the body heat trapped close to the body and, make sure you don’t lose any.

Body heat is mainly lost through the head, hands and feet so make sure these parts are always covered. Most of the body heat is in fact lost from the head so it's always a good idea to wear a hat or something with a hood.

Thick socks and slippers can help keep your feet warm around the house and it's always a good idea to keep your hands covered with gloves or under a thick blanket.

If you are at home, then you still need to wrap up warm and remember to have plenty of blankets handy so that you can warp one around you when the temperature starts to drop.


Drink Plenty Of Hot Drinks

Drinking a hot drink can not only help you keep warm but also help to keep you hydrated throughout the winter months. Any hot drink will help keep you warm or you can even drink a cup of soup for extra warmth and nutrients on those close winter days.

If you are looking for that extra little bit of warmth on a cold day, then you always make yourself a hot alcoholic drink. You can use a slow cooker to make hot winter drinks like a hot toddy or some mulled wine, this will keep you warm for longer and the slow cooker can act as a warm punch bowl with should also add some extra heat to your kitchen.


Heat Your House Well

One of the best things you can do to stay warm in winter is heat your house well. If your house has central heating or a fire, then you can use this to keep your home at a nice warm temperature but remember to be careful.

Central heating and fires can be very powerful so it's best to gradually increase the heat and then stop when you feel warm enough. If you try turning the heat up to full too quickly, you might become too hot too quickly or you can overload the boiler or heating system.

If you don’t have any heating in your house, then you might want to start thinking about getting something to heat your house with. Electric fan heaters can be really good for heating a small space quickly but be wary. Electric fan heaters can project a lot of dry heat and it can be bad for dry skin or if you have a respiratory problem.

The same warning can apply to dehumidifiers. A dehumidifier will extract all the excess moisture in the air and leave your house feeling dry and warm. However, because of this, the air in your house can sometimes end up lacking moisture and it might make it difficult to breathe. A dehumidifier needs to be empty regularly as it can fill up with water, the water tanks on dehumidifiers can get really heavy so only get one if you are able to empty it by yourself.


Only Go Out If You Have To

Try and stay indoors where it is warm if you can. If possible, try and get family and friends to help you get shopping and ask if they can come and visit you if they are able.

If you do need to go outside for any reason, make sure you wrap up warm and that you can easily warm your house so you can get nice and warmed back up when you get home

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