Rental Properties Available Now

Finding a rental property that is available to move into now can be challenging. Especially if you are looking for an affordable property.

Private landlords will often have several rental properties available now, but these come with costly upfront deposits and expensive monthly rent. Plus, there is always a sense of insecurity when renting from a private landlord, as they can ask you to vacate the property whenever they want it back.

Local authorities and councils will also have rental properties available now, but these are almost always allocated on a priority basis. This means that people with a higher priority level, such as homeless people or families living in overcrowded situations are given first priority.

Aside from private landlords and local authorities, your other option is housing associations.

Housing Association Properties

Housing associations tend to be not-for-profit organisations that provide affordable, quality and safe housing for people on a low income.

Most housing associations work in a similar way to local councils – providing homes on a priority basis. But some housing associations, such as Accent Housing, offer many of their homes on a first-come basis.

At Accent Housing, we have 20,500+ homes, which are spread over the North, East and South of the country. Our affordable rent and low-cost home ownership properties are provided to help people on a low income find their forever homes.

Our range of homes includes family homes, flats and sheltered housing properties for people aged 55+. There may be waiting lists for homes in certain areas, particularly areas where we are part of a choice-based letting scheme.

But in the majority of areas, Accent Housing has rental properties available now – that can be applied for today.

Am I Eligible?

Each housing association has its own guidelines when considering applicants. Here is a brief list of the criteria you must meet to be eligible for an Accent Housing property:

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must not be subject to immigration control
  • Must not be a property owner or have the financial resources to purchase or privately rent a suitable property
  • Must not have housing-related debts or be guilty of anti-social or illegal behaviour

To view the full list of criteria, please get in touch with Accent Housing.

How Do I Find Housing Association Rental Properties Available Now?

If you live in the North, East or South of England, Accent Housing may have properties available now in your area.

However, it is worth remembering that in some areas, particularly in the south, the demand for homes far outweighs the properties available.

And in some areas, our homes are let through choice-based lettings, which means you must go through your local council to get a home. This can mean being added to a waiting list.

But in many areas, such as County Durham and West Yorkshire, Accent Housing often has rental properties available to apply for. You can find them on our website. Using the search function, you can find housing available now.

Or we have dedicated ‘Homes For Rent’ pages, including Homes For Rent In Stockton, Homes For Rent In Bradford, Homes For Rent In Middlesbrough and Homes For Rent In County Durham.

Alternatively, you can find Accent Housing properties on our Let’s Move online application system. Let’s Move is probably the best way to find available homes, as it is regularly updated when new properties become available. Plus, you can set alerts so you are notified when a new home is added in your area.

How Do I Apply For Rental Properties Available Now?

You can apply for Accent Housing properties via Let’s Move, our online application system. Creating an account is simple; all we need is your name, date of birth, email address, postcode and a secure password.

Once your account has been verified, you can search for and apply for Accent Housing homes. You can also track your application.

If you are not already registered with Accent Housing, you can do this through Let’s Move too. Or you can register with us through your local council’s choice based lettings scheme.

Get In Touch

Accent Housing has been providing quality and affordable rental properties since 1966. We currently provide homes for more than 35,000 families and residents in England. And it is our goal to build at least 1,500 more affordable rented and low-cost home ownership homes by 2024.

If you have any questions about renting a home from Accent Housing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can call us on 0345 678 0555 or email us at

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