Places To Live In Cambridge

The city of Cambridge attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, for people living in the area and potential residents the city is a great place and wanted in many aspects as people are wanting to settle down.

With a variety of funding, the city plans to expand and create many new homes in the process. In fact, the city council aims to build 14,000 new homes before 2030, while 4,000 are built at Cambourne, west of Cambridge, and 10,000 are planned at Northstowe, six miles to the north.

Relocating to a new area is never easy. That’s why we have written this blog. We, at Accent Housing, want to make the process as easy as possible. The content you will read entails the best places to live in Cambridge, what the city is famous for and if you make the step of becoming a resident, what there is to do in the area.

What Is Cambridge Famous For?

I’m presuming you’ll know Cambridge for the University and punting down the river? if you don’t let me update you…

Cambridge is famous for its University. Established in the year 1209, now in 2022, the University is one of the world's best. The city is populated with students, with over 25% of the population being undergrads.

On the other hand, Cambridge is famous for its river and people punting up and down the city. Offering a dreamy picture, punting is one of the biggest attractions to the city. It is a great way for residents or tourists to get a whole view of what Cambridge is most famous for.

Is Cambridge A Good Place To Live?

Cambridge is a great place to live. Not only is Cambridge only 50 miles from London, so easily commutable by train, but it is also a highly desirable city to live in.

There’s a constant shortage of both properties to buy and rent so seizing your opportunity if it arises is crucial. Properties are snapped up very quickly. One of the reasons for this is the student population and new undergraduates searching year on year.

What Is There To Do In Cambridge?

There is plenty to do in Cambridge. It’s an excellent place to relocate yourself, your family or your partner. It has plenty to offer children, couples and the elderly looking to retire.

Cambridge has nice parks, great places to cycle and an outstanding education system. There are transport links to quite frankly anywhere in the UK and the crime levels are low.

To mention a couple, but not to bore you at the same time:

- A variety of pubs, restaurants, and bars

- Museum tours/visits

- Punting tours

- Historical buildings

- Drink at the Eagle (Famous Pub)

- Explore Anglesey Abbey

- Shopping

- Famous bridges on the river

I don’t think there’s anything more I can say…

Best Places To Live In Cambridge

- Chesterton

In 2018, The Times named the suburb of Chesterton as one of the best places to live in the UK. Noted for its great location, affordability, excellent transport links and lively bars and restaurants, and just a short walk from the city centre.

- Milton Road

Milton Road is a great option for city lovers. The area is a key road in the city, passing through Chesterton and King’s Hedges and heading north out of Cambridge. A popular place and route for cyclists and a new pedestrian-based design mean the area has seen a boost in popularity.

- Hills Road

Located to the south of Cambridge, Hills road is just a short walk from Cambridge Railway Station. Hills Road is a great location for adventurous residents looking to explore. Hills Road provides locals with a perfect balance of the city and rural living.

If you are thinking of living in Cambridge, any of these and many more could be the perfect location for you!

Living In Cambridge

Are you looking for a home in the glorious city of Cambridge? Perhaps you want to move to one of the city's charming areas. If you’re looking for places to live in Cambridge, we can help.

Here at Accent Housing, we are a housing association providing affordable and quality homes throughout England. We have a wide range of homes in County Durham, including family homes, flats and sheltered accommodation for seniors.

If you would like to find out more about moving into an Accent Housing property, get in touch with our team.

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