Is Burnley A Nice Place To Live?

Are you looking to relocate to Burnley? Well, it’s a good idea to know whether the area you’d like to live in is a nice place for your individual circumstances. Lucky for you, you have come to the right page to find that information.

At Accent Housing, we have many tenants living in affordable housing association homes in Burnley and surrounding areas. So, we know a thing or two about the town. In this blog, we’re going to share whether Burnley is a nice place to live and what to expect if you move to the area.

The Best Things About Burnley

Burnley is an excellent place to live. The small town breathes countryside surroundings and a thriving town centre in the heart. From award winnings to enterprises from the UK government, Burnley is a great place to call home.


The town has direct train services to Manchester, Preston, Blackpool, Leeds, and York from its four train stations. The bus station serves the majority of East Lancs and into the Yorkshire Dales.

If you drive the accessibility is great and from all directions. The M65 is the main motorway in and out of the town, ensuring you can navigate around Lancashire with ease.


There are plenty of jobs in Burnley too. In 2013 it was named one of the most enterprising places in the UK. This is thanks to its strong manufacturing and aerospace industries.

One of the biggest employers outside of manufacturing is the Lancashire County Council. If you’re moving to the town, it has plenty of job opportunities. One added bonus is there is not much traffic if you do get a job in the area.


There is a lively night-time scene, and every year the Burnley International Rock and Blues Festival is held.

There are plenty of good schools and colleges to choose from and several museums to continue your education! Not to mention Burnley FC!

Residents in and around the area live and die for football, it is the heart of the town. When Burnley FC are playing the town will come alive, residents will gather in bars and pubs. If you like football, you will fit in perfectly!


Burnley is a centre of educational excellence. The small town excels in this area, with the outstanding Burnley College. The town spent £350 million to ensure every secondary school student has the best building, facilities and education. And ever so recently have been granted a £12.5 million expansion plan – Higher education is only getting better.

To top it all off Burnley College was recognised as England’s number one and highest achieving college.

Good Place To Retire

Retirement is all about relaxing and enjoying the benefits of your years of hard work. If you’re looking to retire in Burnley, we would recommend that you highly consider this town to be the place you settle.

Burnley is one of the best towns for retirees. It provides many healthy activities to keep you engaged and flexible. Not to mention the affordable, well-furbished houses and flats within the area.

Finding An Affordable Home In Burnley

There are two ways you can find an affordable home in Burnley through Accent Housing:

  • You can either directly register through our website on Let’s Move (Accent’s new online application system)


If you register through Let’s Move directly on our website, you can set up alerts for the areas and homes you would be interested in. Once they become available, we’ll let you know – Register for your Let’s Move account here.

Once you applied for a home, you can track your application, that way you will always be up to date.

Get In Touch

We hope we have answered your question “Is Burnley A Nice Place To Live?”. If you have any questions about finding an affordable home in Burnley, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can call us on 0345 678 0555 or email us at Alternatively, fill out our contact form here and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

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