Independent Living Schemes In Chorley

If you are over 55 and you are looking for a home that is affordable, good quality but also easy to manage as you get older, then you might be looking for an independent living scheme.

An independent living scheme is a great way for you to still have your independence and live in a home that is cheap and affordable but is still a good quality home that you can easily live comfortably in and not have to worry about all the worries that come with maintaining a big house.

Independent Living Schemes In Chorley

Alternatives To Care Homes

As we get older little things start to become harder and harder. Things that never used to be a problem, like climbing the stairs or standing to cook for a long time suddenly become much bigger tasks. This is nothing to be worried about and happens to everyone. But what about when it starts to interfere with our lives.

One day you might come to find you can no longer climb the starts or leave the house for long periods of time unassisted and you might find that you are calling your friends and family for help more and more.

When this happens, it is tempting to assume that a care home is the best option, but that isn’t always the case. Care homes are great for people who need round the clock care and cannot be alone anymore, but if you are fine to live on your own then maybe you just need to downsize to a more manageable apartment.

With an independent living scheme, you can do just that. Here at Accent Housing, we have independent living schemes and sheltered accommodation all over the UK and we are confident that we have the home that is perfect for you.

Independent Living Schemes In Chorley

Richmond Hill in Chorley is an independent living scheme that is designed to be perfect for over 55s. it is made up of one-bedroom flats that are designed to be easy to use and manage even if you are older or less abled.

All of Richmond Hills apartments are made to be the perfect home. They have easy to use bathrooms and simple, non-complicated kitchens that mean you can easily go about your day without the added stress of having to manoeuvre these sometimes tricky and dangerous rooms.  

Best of all as an Accent Housing property, Richmond Hill benefits from some great features like an easy to use online account management system, a helpful and friendly scheme manager to help you with anything you need and an amazing team that can do emergency repairs and are always on call 24/7.

You can finally relax at Richmond hill and with our communal gardens, you can sit in the sun and chat with your new neighbour’s whistling taking in the lovely scenery that surrounds your new home.

How Do I Apply For An Independent Living Scheme?

Accent Housing offers high-quality and affordable housing association homes across the UK, including in Chorley and the surrounding areas. You can view our current properties to rent here.

Before you can apply to live in a housing association home, you will need to register first. There are two main ways you can register with Accent Housing, you can apply through our easy-to-use online application system Let’s Move or via Select Move – your local choice-based lettings scheme.

Lots of our properties across Lancashire and Yorkshire and the North of England, including our homes in Chorley can be applied for directly through Let’s Move.

To register on Let’s Move, all you need are your personal details such as name and date of birth along with an email address that you can access. After we’ve verified your account, you will be able to log in and make an application straight away.

On Let’s Move, you can view our available properties to rent and create alerts so you’ll find out when new homes become available in your chosen area. Even if there aren’t currently any properties available, signing up to Let’s Move ensures you’ll be notified when this changes.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about finding and applying for an affordable home in Chorley, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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