How To Find A Housing Association Property In The North West

The most common type of social housing in the UK is social rented homes. These are lower-cost rented housing provided by social landlords. An example of a social landlord might be a local council or a housing association.

Social housing is usually cheaper than renting a home privately, with rents lower than the local market value and tend to offer greater security from eviction than private rented housing. Social housing is also a good option if you need an accessible or adapted property or specialist housing.

At Accent Housing, we’ve been providing homes across the UK since 1966. As a UK housing association, we believe that everyone has the right to a safe, secure place to call home.

In this blog, we’ll explain what a housing association is, who is eligible to apply for a housing association home and how to find a housing association property in the North West.

What Is A Housing Association?

A housing association is a not-for-profit social landlord that provides high-quality, secure homes. In England, around six million people live in a housing association property.

Housing associations have a shared ethos, believing that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, deserves to live in a safe, suitable home that they can afford.

Housing associations also build a quarter of all new homes in the UK and the majority of new social and affordable homes.

Who Is Eligible For A Housing Association Property?

In many areas of the UK, social housing is allocated by the council, who will hold a central waiting list of all the people who want to live in a council or housing association property.

To be considered for a housing association property or other social housing, you will usually need to apply for the housing register in your chosen area and meet any eligibility criteria set out.

Each council has its own rules about who can apply for social housing and who gets priority. This is known as an ‘allocation scheme’ or ‘allocation policy.’ This will usually be explained as part of the application process or you can request to see it before you apply.

Generally speaking, most councils will accept applications for social housing from people who are on a low income or who don’t have any savings. Some councils also require a ‘local connection.’

A local connection might mean that you’ve already lived in the area you’re applying for housing in for a number of years or that you have a job, family or support network there. You may also qualify for social housing under the local connection rule if you previously lived in the area for a long period.

If you think you may be eligible for a housing association home, read on to learn how to find a housing association property in the North West.

How Do I Find A Housing Association Property?

How you apply for a housing association home will depend on the area in which you live and the council’s rules for social housing.

You can apply for social housing online or contact your local council directly to find out more information about social housing in your area and request an application form. The GOV UK website has a list of registered social housing providers in the North West of England.

Most housing associations in the UK have agreements with the council to offer properties to people on the council waiting list but some associations also keep their own separate waiting lists and will accept direct applications. For a list of these housing associations, get in touch with the housing department of your local council or the council in the area you wish to live.

If your application for social housing association is accepted, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be offered a property right away. Many areas have long waiting lists with more people waiting for a home than there are available properties. In that case, homes are allocated based on priority, with those in most need offered homes first.

Here at Accent Housing, we have an online application system, Let’s Move, which allows people to apply directly for many of our housing association homes across the North West, Yorkshire and the North East.

Once you’ve set up your Let’s Move login you can view our available homes to rent, complete your housing application online and even create a ‘property alert’ which will notify you when new properties become available.

Supported and Specialist Housing

Many housing associations also provide rented homes for people who require additional whether that’s Sheltered Housing, homes that have been adapted for people living with disabilities or over 55’s housing schemes.

Some housing associations also offer specialist accommodation solutions, for example, shelters, hostels, refuges and accommodation for care leavers.

If you’re interested in specialist housing, contact your local council or housing associations in your area to find out how you can apply. You can also contact the housing charity, Shelter for help, information and advice.

Get In Touch

We hope this blog has helped you understand how to find a housing association property in the North West.

If you’re looking for a housing association property in the North West, Accent Housing provides high quality, affordable homes throughout the area. If you have any questions about finding a housing association property or about any of our homes then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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