Getting Housing Association Properties In The North West

If you are looking for housing in the north west that is affordable but still of great quality then you could try looking at housing associations.

Here at Accent Housing, we have a variety of different housing associations all over the north west and we are confident that we have the right housing association for you.

What Is A Housing Association Tenancy?

A housing association tenancy is a type of lease that makes it easier than if you were just paying for housing through an independent landlord. Often when you are looking to rent a house you would do so through an independent landlord, and whilst this can be easy, it can have some drawbacks.

Independent landlords and housing tenancies have to follow different rules and landlords do not work as closely with the government, meaning they are not policed the same.

An independent landlord can’t always get a long term tenancy and you risk them uping the price or adding additional costs that you didn’t know about. Similarly, a landlord can refuse to pay for certain repairs or damages which can end up being costly for the tenant.

With a housing association, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs and rising prices. Accent Housing is owned by social landlords. This means they are independent, non-profit landlords that are focused on making sure everyone who needs it can have access to housing.

With a housing association, all the money that people pay on rent goes directly back into the housing scheme and is used to make sure that everyone has a safe secure place to live. Best of all Accent Housing has several different kinds of housing associations so there is suitable accommodation for young people, families and over 55’s looking for a long term lease.

There are different types of tenancies when you apply for a housing association property, including:

Starter Tenancy: This is the type of tenancy we issue for new tenants. To start with, your first tenancy will initially be for just 12 months. Then, providing there are no issues or significant breaches of your tenancy agreement, this can be promoted to a full assured tenancy.

Assured Tenancy: This is our most common type of tenancy and will start after your starter tenancy. The rent for your home will be set at the start of your tenancy and will be reviewed once a year. The date of your rent review is detailed in your Tenancy Agreement alongside details of how your rent will increase. We must abide by your Tenancy Agreement and the rules set down by the government. The government sets the formula we use for calculating the rent we charge you each year. The formula we use to calculate the rent increase is based on the consumer price index (CPI) for September 2019, which is 1.7% plus 1%.

Getting Housing Association Properties In The North West

Before you can apply to live in a housing association home, you will need to register first. There are two main ways you can register with Accent Housing, you can apply through our easy-to-use online application system Let’s Move or via your local choice-based lettings scheme – you'll be able to find the scheme specific to your area by visiting your local council's website.

A lot of our properties across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Teesside, can be applied for directly through Let’s Move.

To register on Let’s Move, all you need are your personal details such as name and date of birth along with an email address that you can access. After we’ve verified your account, you will be able to log in and make an application straight away.

On Let’s Move, you can view our available properties to rent and create alerts so you’ll find out when new homes become available in your chosen area. Even if there aren’t currently any properties available, signing up to Let’s Move ensures you’ll be notified when this changes.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about how to get a housing association property in the north west, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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