Flats For The Elderly In Gateshead

Gateshead is a large town situated in the northeast of England and is joined to Newcastle via seven bridges across the Tyne.

Gateshead is a beautiful town and an amazing place to live, especially if you are older and looking for a place to settle for your retirement. Accent Housing has Independent Living Schemes all over the north of England so that you can find the perfect place for you when you need it.

What Are Flats For The Elderly?

When you get older you might find that certain things are harder to do than they used to be. Tasks like climbing the stairs, using a bath or shower or something as simple as using the kitchen to cook a meal can suddenly become much more difficult.

Flats for the elderly are flats that have been specially designed to make life easy for you as you get older. They have special requirements in mind so that you can easily manage within the home, and you don’t have to worry about the little things.

Most flats for the elderly will be one story, so you don’t have to worry about getting up and down the stairs. Showers and wet rooms come equipped with handles and grab bars so that you don’t have to worry about falling or slipping. May flats for the elderly have a huge focus on safety and making sure you feel safe in your home.

What Is An Independent Living Scheme?

An independent living scheme is specialised housing designed for over 55’s. They are built and structure with older and lesser able people in mind so that the residents can live comfortably without the need to heavily modify their homes and make changes to their lifestyles.

Here at Accent Housing, we have several independent living schemes all over the northeast including Gateshead.

Our Independent Living Schemes in Gateshead include:

Swan Court

Swan Court is found in Dunston in the town of Gateshead and is a beautiful collection of single bedroom flats, perfect for anyone over 55.

All of our flats at Swan Court are built with comfort and functionality in mind. Your flat will benefit from having a fully fitted, simple to use kitchen and bathroom whilst stilling have a wonderful well-sized living area for you to relax in.

As always, we have our tenants’ absolute safety in mind so your flat is fitted with a safety cord that you can pull if ever you need help.

At Swan Court, we have a huge focus on community and building good relationships what your neighbours. Swan Court has a great communal lounge where we regularly host events so that you can get to know people and keep an active social life.

We also have some beautiful communal gardens so that you can sit out, socialise and enjoy the fresh air.

Rent to live in Swan Court costs only £117 which we think makes it excellent value. Best of all swan court has an amazing and professional sheltered housing Scheme Manager, Linda. Linda is always on hand to help you out when you need it and make sure your time at Swan Court is pleasant and welcoming.

We also have a 24/7 repair service so that if anything in your flat breaks down we can have it fixed and repaired before it begins to even hinder your day to day life.

Why Live In Gateshead?

Gateshead is a beautiful town in the northeast of the UK. Its beautiful green gardens and areas make it the perfect place to retire if you just want to relax and enjoy the country. Gateshead has low crime rates and is a safe place to live or retire to.

Whilst Gateshead is not a huge tourist destination it still has plenty of things to do in the town. there are stately homes and manors like Hollinside Manor, that are situated in gorgeous areas and feature in some amazing trails and walks.


Apply Now

If you are interested in any of our sheltered housing in Gateshead, then you can apply now through our website. When you apply, a helpful member of our team will be in touch and help you find the sheltered accommodation that’s right for you. Alternatively, get in touch to find out more.




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