10 Reasons To Live In Sunderland

Are you looking to relocate to the area of Sunderland? And need a justification to do so? I can confirm you’ve been directed to the correct page. This Accent Housing blog is going to give you 10 reasons to live in Sunderland.


1.      Award-Winning Beaches

A city on the coast is perfect. You can spend your days in the city and your nights watching the sun go down on the beautiful beaches. The award-winning beaches of Seaburn and Roker are even home to the Sunderland International Airshow every year. 

What better is there to sit sunbathing on the beach during the summer or get fish and chips on a clear winter night?


2.      Location

As previously pointed out Sunderland is a coastal city. Located in the borough of Tyne & Wear, Sunderland has everything to offer in terms of its location. Only 30 minutes away from lively Newcastle on the metro, and within easy reach of Gateshead and Durham. There will always be something to do whether you’re a couple, family or over 55’s.


3.      Transport Links

Whether you are regularly commuting for work or enjoy spending your weekends travelling to various destinations, transport links can be a crucial factor for a lot of people when moving to a new area.

 You’ll be glad to know Sunderland has an exceptional array of transport links to the surrounding areas. Make sure that you have a look at the transport links available and how much it is going to cost you to get around for future reference.


4.      Activities

With the area being located on the coast whilst many are fulfilled with a city life there are plenty of activities to do if you live in Sunderland.

Many people misjudge the city as not having much to do other than food and drink, but they couldn’t be more wrong. With canoeing, coasteering, skiing, swimming, boxing, bowling, kayaking, football and more, the city is an ideal hub for sport and activities.


5.      Parks

Besides the sea and coastal areas, Sunderland has plenty of greenery to offer. Most people don’t think of the great outdoors when they think of Sunderland – but they should. The city is sprinkled with beautiful parks such as Herrington Country, Hetton Lyons and Roker Park.

There are also the sports facilities at Thompson Park and the exotic wildlife at Washington Wetlands. Only in Sunderland can you spend your days wondering, cycling, eating, and reading in these places.


6.      Football

At the heart of the town is football. Sunderland Football Club, founded in 1879 the club plays a huge role in the coastal city. From the highs of the premier league era to now rebuilding the team and club in league 1, you certainly won’t ever get a dull moment when it comes to football.


7.      Affordability

You’d think with all the previous points and more after you wouldn’t be able to find affordable homes to rent in Sunderland, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

To your surprise, it’s one of the cheapest places to live in the whole country, let alone the North East. Not only are homes and flats cheap to rent, but that also includes student accommodation in Sunderland is affordable too.

With Accent Housing, you can rent affordable homes in the area of Peterlee, Sunderland.


8.      Takeaways

Sunderland has a whole host of takeaways on your doorsteps. The takeaway stretch (Pallion Road) is home to just about any takeaway you could ever think of.

Not only that, but Sunderland is one of the few places in the North East you can get the amazing Desserts Delivered. So, if you’ve always wanted pizza followed by a slice of cake straight to your door, you’re relocating to the perfect destination.


9.      Nightlife

Ever thought you could go out on a tenner? Probably not. But in Sunderland, this is a possibility every night. The city’s nightlife has improved significantly over the past six years – with a few nights playing a key role in bringing Sunderland the nights it deserves.

If you’re a party animal, then you’ll be glad to be in Sunderland. Not only are the nights cheap but there’s something to do every night of the week – and there’s sure to be an event for you. From rock nights to gay nights there is something for everyone.


10. Museums & History

It’s not just about cheap drinks and good takeaways, though, because the city has a ton of history and culture. From the famous Penshaw Monument and Washington Old Hall to the nearby Beamish Museum, there’s always plenty to see and do.

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