Who's at the Door?

Keeping Yourself Safe At Home

Although the Coronavirus has brought out the very best in community spirit and everyone rallying together, it’s also bought out the worst in some.

Sadly there are some preying on the more vulnerable and we've heard of a number of scams and bogus callers who are operating across the country, trying to get into people’s homes.

There is no end to the reasons they will try – we've even heard of people offering Coronavirus testing. 

If someone calls who can’t or won’t show you proper identification, don’t let them in. Call 101 and report them straight away – even if they seem to know about the repair you need, it could just be a good guess.

Our contractors will always be happy to show you their ID.

Thanks to our eagle-eyed residents in Yarm for exposing this latest con, but there will always be another.

Stay safe, be vigilant for you and your neighbours and if someone can’t prove they are who they say they are, don’t let them in.

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