What Does Accent Do?

The short and simple answer to ‘what does Accent do? is that we are a housing association, providing a wide range of people with affordable homes to rent. However, a home is an essential need for every person - a foundation from which an entire life is built. For that reason, what Accent do is much, much more.

What Is A Home?

A house is a place to live – a home is a place to thrive. The home should be a space where people feel safe, a place of respite, and somewhere you can be yourself.

The home is where families are formed, children laugh, pets run around, and memories are created with loved ones.

A secure and stable home is fundamental to good human health and a place from which people can grow, improve, achieve dreams.

Finally, it’s a cliché, but home is where the heart is for most people.

For these reasons, we view what we do as more than providing rental accommodation. We want individuals, families, and communities to thrive. We’re incredibly privileged to play an important role in the lives of our tenants.

Providing Homes And Services Since 1966

Accent is a housing association with over 20,000 homes spread over the North, East and South of the country, providing stable housing to over 41,000 residents and their families.

We’ve been finding people homes since 1966 and have always aimed to help people from a range of backgrounds. Our tenants are diverse and range from young families, single adults, to older residents in need of specialist housing. Our tenants are all on different journeys, but we value each one of them and aim to provide support them along the way.

Support is a key part of our service – as a social landlord we take our duty to help residents thrive, seriously.

As mentioned, a home provides a stable base from which people build their lives outwards – we do whatever we can to help people keep that foundation solid.

The Accent Partnership is our way of ensuring we keep that promise. The partnership is a joint vision between us and our residents on what our service should be. From always fixing repairs promptly, to rewarding loyalty and helping people stay in their home, the partnership is crucial to how we want you to experience your journey with us.

We’re always improving what we do too by regularly listening to our residents, taking on board what is said, and making changes.

Homes To Rent

We have a varied range of homes to rent across England, incorporating flats, houses, and sheltered housing.

Some of our homes are rented via choice based letting, and others can be applied for directly through us and our application system – Lets Move.

Once you’re a tenant our website is a useful tool for managing your home, getting involved in the Accent community, and contacting us. we also provide a range of resources and information for residents on a range of useful and practical subjects.

Homes To Buy

Accent is helping people get on the property ladder with a range of Shared Ownership homes across the country. Our homes to buy scheme is helping people realise their homeownership dreams and is just another step in the journey we are so keen on helping people with.

Buying a home isn’t for everybody, but for those who want that option, we have a range of homes available from Surrey to Yorkshire.


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