Talk Money Week

We are pleased to be supporting Talk Money Week (from 9 – 13 November).

Organised by the Money and Pensions Service each year, the aim of the campaign is to get everyone in the country talking about how to manage money.

It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you work or don’t work, or whether you are young or old, it covers everything from managing pocket money right through to managing a pension. The campaign also marks the work done by thousands of organisations to help people everywhere manage their money and build financial wellbeing across the country.

Throughout the week, organisations encourage their staff and customers to get talking about money with friends and family, at work, at school or in any other walk of life. So many people in the UK feel uncomfortable talking about money for a number of reasons, so the campaign aims to encourage them to be more open about it. Any discussion is a good one to have, whether it’s sharing useful ideas for budgeting and managing money, or to help someone find financial support if money worries or debt are getting out of hand.  

Why is it good to talk about money? Because talking openly about our experiences is vitally important for our health, wealth and relationships. And, this year, the effects of the coronavirus and the financial hardship it has caused have made it even more important than ever to start having those money conversations.

In fact, research shows people who talk openly about money make better and less risk financial decisions, have stronger personal relationships, help their children form good lifetime money habits, and feel less stressed and worried and more in control.

All this week, we’ll be talking money over our Facebook and Twitter accounts and we will be featuring not only residents who feel comfortable talking about money, the experiences they’ve had, and the support they have had from us, but our staff too. It affects us all. 

The Money and Pensions Service has lots of ideas on how to start having those all important conversations, and some useful helplines for everything money related.

We hope some of the things we share during the week are useful and please, if you have no-one to have a conversation with, or you think your situation might have already gone beyond a conversation, talk to us, we can help.

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