Surveying Your Home

Our stock condition surveys are important as they help us understand the age and condition of each part of your home. They help us plan for any future maintenance or improvements your home may need, and they help us make sure we keep your home safe and properly maintained in line with the government’s Decent Homes Standard.

The inspection will take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the type of home you live in.

We will contact you to make an appointment for the survey when yours is due.

Outside your home, we look at:

  • Wall construction and finish
  • Roof construction and coverings
  • Rainwater items (such as drains and gutters)
  • Windows and doors

Inside your home, we look at:

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Heating systems
  • Electrics
  • Roof insulation

When we visit to carry out your survey, please:

Let us in: We may need access to all the rooms in your home, and to any cupboards or storerooms which contain things such as gas or electric metres, or other safety equipment. We will also need access to your loft. We won’t always need access to your bedrooms, unless they are the access points for your loft.

Keep a Safe Distance: Please respect the government’s current guidelines for social distancing and let our surveyors carry out the inspection as quickly as possible. Our surveyor will only approach you if necessary, only go where they need to and not use any of your facilities. They will wear the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) and sanitise any areas they touch during the inspection. Please try to make sure there are as few people in the house as possible as it will be easier to follow social distancing guidelines. When the surveyor is in a certain part of your home, please try to keep other family members away from there.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable, for any reason, you can stop the survey and ask us to rearrange it. We can also do the same. Our priority is always to keep you and our colleagues safe.

Keeping a record

Our surveyor will take notes and photos, or make recordings where needed. These will only be used to record the condition of your home at the time of inspection. This information helps us to prioritise future maintenance. All information is destroyed when it is no longer needed. As much care as possible will be taken not to record or photograph any personal items.

What Happens Next

Our surveyor will not be able to tell you what things in your home may need replacing or upgrading during the visit. If something does need replacing, your kitchen for instance, it will be scheduled into future programmes of work and we will contact you separately to make arrangements for the work to be done.

Our priority is always to keep you safe in your home and for any work to have as little impact on daily life as possible.

Safety upgrades, such as electrical work or boiler replacements, must be done when they are due and you must give us access to do them.

We will always make an appointment to carry out a survey or inspection but, even if you are expecting us, please check the identification of anyone who calls. Our staff and contractors always carry identification, and will always be happy to show it to you. If you are ever in any doubt, call us to check the identity of the person at your door.

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