Staying Safe with Portable Heating

We have a new leaflet full of hints and tips to help you stay warm and safe this winter.  

One way you might think of is to use portable heaters, but they can be a real danger if not used properly. Please follow these tips if you are going to use them, and share them if you know anyone else who is, or is thinking about, using them. Help to keep yourself safe.

  • Keep heaters on a level surface and well away from anything or anyone that could knock them over.
  • Keeps heaters well away from things like paper, furniture or curtains.
  • Never use them to dry your clothes.
  • Never leave them unattended while in use or go to sleep with them on.
  • Never power heaters from an extension leads – they can become overloaded and cause fires.
  • Check heaters for wear and tear. If they aren't in good condition, don’t use them.
  • Only buy or use heaters from reputable companies, and register them so you can check to see if they are ever recalled.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are working so any fire is detected early.
  • Where using portable heaters for an extended length of time, please consider the use of electric oil filled heaters. Not only are these more cost effective, they are also safer.

We completely understand the fears about energy costs, but we want you to be safe too. A cold home can also cause problems for you and your family if damp, mould and condensation have a chance to form. (Please read our information on how to stop damp and mould forming).

Home Insurance

In case of any accidents, please make sure you have contents insurance for your personal possessions. We cover the buildings insurance for your home, but not your personal things inside.

If you are a homeowner, please check the terms of your lease or agreement to understand your insurance requirements. We do not provide contents insurance, only buildings insurance, depending on what your lease or agreement contains.

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