As we head outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, we need to make sure we all pay a little extra attention to stay safe from the risk of fire.

We all know that fire can be devastating to people, properties, wildlife and habitats.

We have had six fires in Accent properties within the last week.

They could have been avoided.

Taking care and responsibility with a few simple steps can help ensure your safety and save lives and land.


If you are using a barbecue, make sure it's in good working order. Keep it away from trees, shrubs, fences, sheds or any other flammables and make sure it is standing securely. Don't let your children and pets near it when you are cooking.

Only use recognised fire lighters or starter fuel, and only on COLD coals. NEVER use petrol.

Don't leave your barbecue unattended and keep water or sand nearby for emergencies. make sure it, and the ashes, are completely cool before you put it away.

We do not allow barbecues on balconies or open walkways.


We are having some seriously hot weather at present and we've probably all heard the news about the fire on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester last week, which involved moving people out of their homes to safety. It just goes to show how fire can take hold and become uncontrollable very quickly.

We always advise against having garden fires. Please dispose of any waste responsibly and safely, not by fire. Keep gardens, sheds, passageways tidy and clear of rubbish and waste that could quite easily catch fire from a discarded flame.


Never leave aerosol cans on window sills or in direct sunlight, they could explode and start a fire. Never leave glasses or mirrors on a window sill or in direct sunlight either. Believe it or not, these - or their contents - can also cause fires.


Wherever possible make sure the home is off limits for smoking, and especially bedrooms. Always supervise smokers who may become drowsy or forget to put out their cigarette.
Use large, deep ashtrays - even in the garden and never have an ashtray on or near anything that will burn.

Do not discard cigarette butts on floors, in gardens or in communal areas, and always put them in something non-combustible. When discarding ashtrays in waste bins, make sure cigarettes butts are completely out - they can smoulder for hours.


We always advise against using candles but, if do, please keep them in a proper candle holder on a level surface, away from things which could catch fire, and away from children and pets. Never leave candles unattended and always blow them out before leaving the room.

Never leave candles on a window sill where a breeze could blow curtains and blinds onto the flame.


Children can drown in as little as 5cm of water. Garden ponds, baths, water butts, buckets and paddling pools can be especially dangerous. Everyone wants to be outside in sunshine - especially in water, but please don't leave children unattended and, if you have items like paddling pools, ponds or water butts, make sure they are safely covered or, if appropriate, completely drained.

We've seen some quite serious fire damage over the last week or so at Accent, which could have been avoided. We can repair this, but we can never repair serious injury or loss of life.

Please enjoy yourselves but stay safe in this hot weather.


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